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Employment and Society - Essay Example

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Gender equality in the workplace has been an issue for so long ever since women have penetrated the working class. Assumptions that work against women have always been the perpetuator behind the glass ceiling that prevents women to gain financial benefits and employment or advancement opportunities. …
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Employment and Society
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Download file to see previous pages The management, which is mostly consisted of male employees, find women not flexible enough, or assume that women do not want to be relocated or put long hours for the company because of their family responsibilities. Because of this, talented and skilled women lose the opportunity to be promoted to the higher management. Although there are women being promoted to the next level, there are still several signs that the place of women in the workplace is still at a lower level compared to men. Although the compensation gap between men and women employees are slowly narrowing, women’s compensation range is still at 77% lower than men’s in a 1999 data (Gregory, 2). By 2000, 46.5% of the US workforce are women but only 11.7% have held board of director positions and only 12.5% are corporate officers (Gregory, 2). Sadly, women themselves have unwittingly become the perpetuator of their own discrimination. Some women do not recognize that a certain policy is discriminatory in nature. Others, who recognize the discrimination, do not want to become involved in legal proceedings. Or are scared of losing their jobs or think that it is useless to bother with such issues as all other workplace are also infested with discrimination. There have been various laws that were passed to ensure that women get an equal opportunity in the workplace. This proves that the course towards gender equality in the workplace is on the works. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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