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Government should be responsible for the unemployed in the uk. To what extent do you agree with this statement - Essay Example

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Low disposable income, limited purchasing power and rise in unemployment rate are major consequences of this economic crunch. It is true that, government should be responsible to…
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Government should be responsible for the unemployed in the uk. To what extent do you agree with this statement
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Extract of sample "Government should be responsible for the unemployed in the uk. To what extent do you agree with this statement"

Download file to see previous pages Major aim of this essay is to address the initiatives that are taken by British Government in order to reduce the growing unemployment rate.
The first reason is British Government has utilized taxes that are collected from the common people in order to create employment opportunities for job seekers in public sectors. In addition to this, the British government has introduced government welfare expenditure programme in the year 2012 to provide income benefits to common people by utilising the tax amount. British government announced 16 percent of government spending in the year 2011 to create employment opportunities for job seekers (Heyes, 2011, p.6). Government has made significant investments in several benefit areas, such as state pension, disability living allowance, income support for job losers, rent rebate, allowances of job seekers and pension credit for old people. Government has ensured these expenditures by utilizing collected public tax amount. In the financial year 2011-12, the British government has made huge investment to pay employment benefits to unemployed people during the era of post economic recession. It is true that public service pension cost has risen effectively in last 10 years (HM Treasury, 2013, p.16). Moreover, British government has invested in several public service development programmes, such as introduction of public schools, hospitals and other institutions. Expenditure behind these initiations can come under other uncategorized expenditure. It enables huge number of job seekers to find employment opportunities in these public sectors. First of all, these developments used to help the common people to stabilize their social life. On the other hand, development process of these public services generally generates significant employment opportunities for the common people (Hall, 2003, p.21). Government generally utilises this tax amount in the development of public ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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