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Positive Influence Plan - Essay Example

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Positive Influence Plan Your name Institution The one year project recommends developing a positive influence plan for a business setting. The purpose of this plan would be; first, addressing issues regarding performance, satisfaction, and motivation of the business team…
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Positive Influence Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Satisfied and motivated workers initiate a positive relationship with customers within the business. This is a decisive factor within the organization’s objectives. Characteristics of high performance encompass innovation, flexibility, skills and knowledge, customer focus, working in line with the company’s objectives, sharing, and rapid response to market place requirements and the changing business needs. The business shall design jobs, and work to enable employees exercise decision making and discretion, resulting into quality performance. Strategies for enriching the team’s performance do hold. The company shall set working system with proper management that recognizes the employee’s performance. Also, a compensation budget put in place will fulfill the employee’s requirements (Timm & Brent, 2000, p.26). Efficiency at work goes along with cooperation and effective system of communication. Recruitment involves hiring employees who can work in collaboration with the existing team. This is a requirement that establishes a work force that enhances high performance. High performance work to be initiated through training and education, and proper flow of information. In order to support the full potential of employees, the company shall use personal development plans shaped by each employee so as to fulfill their career objectives. Factors to consider in job designing include; cross training, job classification, use of self-directed teams, job rotation, and changes in work location and layout. Effective communication strategy entails an environment with knowledge sharing, trust, and mutual respect. Recognition and compensation systems should match the work systems. Recognition and compensation might be tied to close evaluations and demonstrated skills (Timm & Brent, 2000, 43). Training ensures acquiring critical skills and knowledge with respect to services, products and customers; recovery from failures and problems; listening to customers and effectively manage expectations. Employees’ satisfaction has to be enabled through providing facilities, activities, services and other opportunities. They involve: career and personal counseling; employability services and career development; cultural and recreational activities; informal and formal recognition; day care; non-work related education; special leave for community services and family responsibilities; flexible work hours; safety on job; retiree benefits and out placement services including access to employee services and extended healthcare. Although satisfaction with promotion and pay could be vital, these factors are insufficient to enhance overall employee motivation, high performance, and satisfaction. In this case, other factors considered are employee career opportunities and development; effective grievance and problem resolution; management and work environment support; teamwork; workload; cooperation; job security; support for serving customers and appreciation of conflicting needs of diverse groups of employees. Employees’ satisfaction and well being can be reinforced through addressing issues pertaining to the employee support climate, working environment that recognizes all employees’ support needs. When the team develops satisfaction, employee motivation becomes automatic. Motivational factors reinforce the team’s attitudes, personalities, values, and emotions which in turn influence the behavior towards work. People at work tend to adopt instinctive approaches of behavior, which are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Positive Influence Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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