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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence - Essay Example

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CREATING A PLAN FOR POSITIVE INFLUENCE Course Date CREATING A PLAN FOR POSITIVE INFLUENCE Completing a project involving many people successfully is an uphill task. Without a good plan, providing high quality becomes almost impossible. Worst still, lack of proper plans may make meeting set deadline a tight squeeze…
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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
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Download file to see previous pages In any organization, human capital is an essential asset in achieving set objectives. Therefore, as a team leader, understanding that each team member is unique is a step in the right direction. A team, therefore, presents a host of knowledge, personality, and competencies, which when tapped can yield great results. If the project is to be successful, we must have a plan that incorporates each team member’s attitude, values, emotions, and personalities. Team Performance and Effectiveness Achieving the best performance from a team requires “paying attention to four important dimensions: team member effort, team member knowledge and skills, team tactics, and group dynamics” (Browning, 2007). Hancock also claims that teamwork is the first step towards team success (1999). Therefore, determining the ability of the formed team to realize its mandate requires consideration of values, attitudes, personality, and emotions of each member. Values Values significantly shape work attitude. According to Maxwell, “Values define a team and give it a unique identity” (2009). He further states, “…a team’s values attract people with like values to the team” (p. 15). The desire to achieve professional goals is often affected by values. Therefore, realizing team success demands redirecting personal values towards set goals. Personality Personality defines an individual's characteristics. Since individuals strive to find a niche suitable for their personality, team members should be scanned for compatibility (Nettle, 2007). Research has proven that individuals with proactive personality have excellent chances of success. Such individuals are motivated and enthusiastic. Attitudes and Emotions In 2001, Elwood & Chapman stated that team success depends more on attitude than technical achievement. Thus, a team leader who knows how to build a positive attitude among team members can achieve high productivity. On the other hand, emotions, which are human reaction to stimulus, can greatly affect team performance if not checked. Easily angered persons can bring down the entire team with them. As a team leader, communicating the mission of the team to members is crucial. This will reduce chances of diversion and instill values necessary for success. Employees are organizations’ ambassadors. Therefore, their behaviors play a significant role in organization’s success. As such, any new idea, incorporated into the team, must be done after consultation. This will ensure that the new ideas do not conflict with team member’s personal life, resulting in dedication and willingness to abide. Team Differences The team is made of people with different personalities. However, these differences will not affect the effectiveness of the team in any way. Instead, they will act as the foundation on which the team’s strength lies, knowing that member’s reactions and perceptions to situations are different. An assessment of the various aspects of the team revealed exciting news, a further indication that we are destined for success. First, the assessment revealed that the team is comprised of individuals with professional work attitude, which means they are aware of the boundary between private life and work. Secondly, it revealed satisfaction of most members with their jobs, which means they put all their effort in team success. Satisfaction, Performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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