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Project Management Review - Essay Example

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Project Management Review 1. One has to take three steps to confirm that the ‘outsourcer’ thoroughly understands one’s requirements. For this, firstly the individual must document his requirements after he has conveyed his message verbally…
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Project Management Review
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Download file to see previous pages If outsourcers fail to re-document the message according to the individual requirements, it means that outsourcers did not get the content of the actual message. It is recommendable for the individual not to settle a response such as “Yes, I got the message’. Finally, the individual has to request outsourcers to create a prototype for the order placed. This prototype would be very helpful for the individual to ensure that outsourcers have absolutely understood his wants and needs. In order to make the communication between individual and outsourcers better, it is advisable to make use of pictures as they are more powerful tools for communication. In this way, everybody working on a placed order can thoroughly understand how the final product looks like. By undergoing these phases, an individual may ensure that outsourcers clearly understand his requirements. 2. It seems that a project manager’s trust is the key to exercising influence in an organization. A project manager deals with each and every aspect of a particular project, from creating a methodology for specific task completion to formulating a quick plan changes in response to unforeseen contingencies. While considering time-sensitive as well as cost consuming nature of modern business projects, the project manager’s trust is very vital to an organization’s financial success. ...
uggests that every project team must “have sufficient checks and balances in place to insure against untrustworthy behaviors” either by project team members or by other concerned parties (Bourne, 2010). Therefore, a project manager’s trust is vital to make sure better accountability and thereby a positive reputation for the organization. A project manager’s stature also plays a significant role in contributing to organizational flexibility. Since the modern business environment is highly unpredictable, proposed project structure may need to be changed in times of contingencies. A project manager cannot delegate such last-minute changes if he has not earned the trust of his teams. 3. “Principled negotiation is an interest-based approach to negotiation that focuses primarily on conflict management and conflict resolution” (Principled negotiation). This concept mainly uses an integrative approach with intent to explore a mutually shared outcome. The concept of principled negotiations was firstly introduced in the book “Getting to Yes” which was published in 1981 by Roger Fisher and William Ury. The principled negotiation is based upon four key points which are illustrated below. 1. Separate people from the problem 2. Focus on interests, not positions 3. Invent options for mutual gain 4. Insist on objective criteria The first key point reflects the fact that relationship issues must be separated from substantive issues. According to Fisher, Ury, and Patton (1991, p. 21), popular problems mainly involve issues related to perception, emotion, and communication. Negotiating on interests does not indicate that it must be about things which people express as a want or need. Often, people tend to achieve extreme positions which are capable of confronting with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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