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Project Management - Organizing a Talent Show - Literature review Example

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This project report "Project Management - Organizing a Talent Show" briefly describes the tools and techniques used during the management and execution of a talent show program, a group tasked project conducted as part of the learning phase during MS Project Management program…
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Project Management - Organizing a Talent Show
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Extract of sample "Project Management - Organizing a Talent Show"

Download file to see previous pages The first section of the paper is an endeavor to critically evaluate the significance and implications of four out of the ten techniques namely SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, Gantt chart and CVP analysis in managing the project. The analyses of these tools and techniques would then be made part of the subsequent presentation to discuss their validity. From an objective point of learning, the study and utilization of these techniques is not only critical to the educational domain but also crucial to existing practices in the industry. SWOT Analysis is an instrumental subjective tool to identify the internal organizational factors, Strength and Weakness, and external factors, threat and opportunities to best align the organization with its strategic objectives and identify the best possible scenario for operation by augmenting the decision-making process as guide reference and not with precision. Although it is a much acknowledged and widely used tool in the industry, Fine (2009) has questioned the limitations of SWOT analysis to effectively determine the strategic objectives and course of actions to be adopted by any organization. Wikipedia (2011) pointed out that it is quite possible for an organization to overlook certain key facts and view the overall scenario as quite simple since the tool lacks precision in its application. Because of its simplicity to become a mere list of facts, Cartwright (2002) suggested carrying out further analysis and research for determining the relation between negative and positive factors and how they affect each other, their magnitude and their significance in comparison to that of competitors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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