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Incresing Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance - Essay Example

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Enhancing employees’ satisfaction, motivation and performance Employees’ satisfaction is fundamental to keeping them motivated in the workplace which in turn improves their performance. Satisfaction inculcates motivation in the employees and motivation improves their quality of performance…
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Incresing Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance
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Extract of sample "Incresing Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance"

Download file to see previous pages The plan is organized into three phases, with the first starting in January and ending in March, the second starting in April and ending in June while the third spans from July to December. The plan is fundamentally based upon the assumption that making workers’ satisfied makes them motivated for work and enhanced their performance. The plan January to March: The first phase would be subdivided into three phases, each phase representing one month starting from January. In January, an in-depth analysis of the literature will be made to make myself aware of the numerous motivational theories and models. One of the most used motivational model is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs depicts some of the basic needs of every human being. The model emphasizes that an individual’s motivation is linked with the fulfillment of these needs. The model also stresses that once a lower level need has been satisfied, the individual tends to gain the satisfaction with respect to the higher level needs until he/she starts to self-actualize which is actually a stage, when motivation comes into play (NetMBA, 2010). In February, I would develop a questionnaire and take sufficient time to modify that in order to get exactly what I require from the people through it. One of the most useful tools to measure the level of satisfaction that people maintain in an organizational environment or members of a team generally maintain is the staff survey (Chapman, 2009). In addition to the information retrieved from the questionnaires, the whole process of consulting the staff and making them feel involved in a research lends them a feeling of satisfaction as well as increases their motivation and performance in the long run. Finally, the questionnaire would be distributed among the respondents and collected. March will be the phase of data analysis and evaluation for the potential satisfaction and motivation driving factors. I would see if the members with lesser satisfaction were as motivated for work as the members with more satisfaction. The questionnaire will assess each respondent’s level of satisfaction and motivation on a five point likert scale with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 representing least satisfied, somewhat satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied, and extremely satisfied. The pattern would be inverse for motivation with 1 representing extremely motivated and 5 representing least motivated. By the end of the first phase, I would have measurable results telling me how members’ motivation and satisfaction levels compare with each other in a group setting. This phase will also rank some of the key drivers of satisfaction and motivation according to the team members’ responses to the questionnaires. April to June: Having established the influence of motivation upon satisfaction level and the inverse for the team members, I would assess ways to fulfill their demands with respect to the previously ranked driving factors. “Motivational incentives act like stimulants and encourage employees to be positive minded and hence be more effective in their work” (Davoren, 2011). Money is one of the most fundamental stimulants for performance in all kinds of work settings, including individual and group work. That is why, managers frequently introduce monetary rewards as incentives for people to display better performance at work. Rewards may be given to individual employees by way of an increase in their pay or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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