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In What Ways Has Technology Impacted the Way We Train Employees - Research Paper Example

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In what ways has technology impacted the way we train employees? In the current world, the advent of globalization and technology has made it possible to achieve breakthroughs. Technology has become the part and parcel of our life. The Human Resource Management has also started developing and training employees by using new and advanced technologies which helps to transmit latest changes and information to employees…
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In What Ways Has Technology Impacted the Way We Train Employees
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Download file to see previous pages Training is an integral part of human resources. Recently the human resource industry has adapted to a lot of changes due to the developments in technology. Nowadays human resource managers have to be prepared for organizational transformation and adaptations. Hence the HR function must be capable of guaranteeing the employability of collaborators without compromising the flexibility of the organization. This is due to the fact that people form a part of the organization due to their talents and abilities and not because to their past knowledge. At a certain point of time, when the managers feel that a particular employee is redundant to the organization then they have to leave them in a situation where in an employee can easily incorporate into another work profile or a new job. Human resource management policies must be designed to emphasise more on accepting change and the changing attitudes. In a way these policies are designed to make employees responsible for their own achievements. A technical system needs to be developed which helps to facilitate the employees to solve most problems related to their job themselves and without the intervention of higher hierarchical levels. In the human resource field, this idea needs to be incorporated as technology can make it possible for employees to manage their own database, update and access it directly, get online training, performance assessment, transfer or any other miscellaneous official matters which affects the employee. This idea is known as employee self – service. In order to facilitate the successful implementation of this idea, certain technological development needs to be made. Chief among this is the existence of intranet. This is a tool which facilitates collaboration and communication in the organization. It helps to streamline processes and provide updated information to the staff with updated information. This is a useful tool as it makes possible to reach employees working in the same firm but whose work place may be located across the globe. Training modules can be updated on the intranet and the human resource can update and impart online training to overseas as well as domestic employees. (Gasco, Llopis & Gonzalez, 2004). Nowadays a lot of organizations are leveraging technology to create virtual teams which can work at the same time from difference places by using video conferencing, e – mails, teleconferencing and instant messages. The same tool has been incorporated by the human resource to provide virtual training to employees. A human resource leader may impart training to various employees located at different places at the same time by using any of the above mentioned tools. However an important challenge lies in using and identifying the proper technology suited to meet the purpose. Especially in case of online training it is recommended that one selects the right method to impart online training. This is especially because this kind of training does not allow any scope for face – to – face interaction. Hence, the trainer must choose the proper medium of training which will facilitate the trainees to clear doubts online. Also the trainer should see that the technology selected for this purpose is user friendly. In other words, the trainees and the trainer should have expert knowledge on the kind of technology used for the training to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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