Consumer Behaviour Aspects: Success of Amazon Kindle - Essay Example

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Since the emergence of the digital revolution, many technological products came to replace existing conventional products, introducing easier means of communication. Among these products is the eBook reader, which was launched in the late 1990’s…
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Consumer Behaviour Aspects: Success of Amazon Kindle
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Download file to see previous pages Initially, the first generation of the device started off by targeting professionals, offering them access to reference material such as encyclopaedias. According to Moore (2009), eBook readers enable consumers to read, store, and own all sorts of books within an electronic environment. Although it is unlikely that readers would replace paper books in the near future, the current market shift towards digitalization makes this concept viable. Amazon, one of the largest online retailers in the United States, is one of the most successful adopters of the Digital Reading Concept. The company, established in 1994, has managed to expand its online retail business across eight countries. Along with a continuously growing product spectrum, Amazon initiated the production of the first Amazon eBook reader (Kindle) in 2004.The Amazon Kindle was officially launched in the U.S market in November 2007.The fundamental idea behind this product is to allow the consumer to have any book that has ever been in print at their hand within fractions of time. The latest version of the Kindle incorporates the e-ink technology which is specially designed to mimic the appearance of an ordinary paper. With the aid of touch screen technology users can easily shop, flip pages, adjust, and highlight text. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a built-in dictionary, Wi-Fi, and 3G free connections. (Amazon, 2010). McFayden (2011) argues that the success of the Amazon Kindle is due to its affordability and functionality. The fact that this device can hold an entire library was appealing to the audience, particularly students and academics put-upon by carrying heavy textbooks. It also offers substantially lower prices of eBooks than printed books. Given that, it is of no surprise that Kindle was declared the best selling product by Amazon (Macfayden, 2011). Over the 2011 Christmas holidays, Amazon sold over a million units of Kindle per week for three consecutive weeks (Amazon, 2011). This assignment will give a reflection on three consumer behaviour aspects that have contributed in the success of Amazon Kindle. These are Consumer Perception, Motivation and Attitude. 2. Perception Consumer perception is quite a vital element that should be cropped and sprouted. This ensures that a business is performing in the best of its capacity (Noel, 2009:19) .When consumer perception is lowered, the business is likely to ground and lose its committed customers. Therefore, it is a prudent act to ensure consumer perception is kept at the best of its performance. Perception relates to how individuals select, organise and interpret these stimuli through their physical sensory receptors to understand any given environment (Solomon et al, 2010). Solomon et al, 2010 From the above diagram, perception is a process that is explained in various steps. During the stimuli, a customer encounters various aspects of a product. These include sights, smell, taste, and texture. Initially, a consumer gets to purchase a product due to the taste, smell, or texture and decides to try the product. With the use of sensory receptors, a customer gets to know the product better. With frequent use, the customer gets used to the good, but starts to notice the benefits of the product by researching from reliable resources, friends, and over the internet (Maignan and Ferrell, 2001:459). Though this process is long and indulging, customers will get the right information that is connected to the products that are in the market. Instantaneously after this, they start to create attention on the goods that are in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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