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International Business and Analysis Project - Research Paper Example

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International Business Research and Analysis Project Table of Contents 1.Introduction 3 2.Thesis Statement 4 3.Need For Water Purification 4 4.Manufacturers of Hippo Water Rollers 5 5.Research For Inexpensive Water Purification Filter 6 6.Business Plan 7 a.Economic Climate for Foreign Business 7 b.Political Climate for Foreign Business 8 c.Legal Environment 8 d.Socio-cultural Acceptance of Product 9 e.Managerial and Labor Climates 10 f.Size of the Market 10 g.Competition in the Market 12 h.Marketing and Distribution Method 12 i.Financial Viability 13 7.Conclusion and Recommendations 14 Works Cited 15 1…
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International Business Research and Analysis Project
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Download file to see previous pages This instrument was introduced in South Africa which further received the accreditation in the global context. Through the instrument or the container, people can transport five times of the water transportable through traditional means. A standard size of a barrel can hold 90 liters of water at a time. The product is often considered to be ideal for developing countries such as South Africa, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka among others where people need to transport water from one place to another to lead their regular life owing to the scarcity of clean water to satisfy the daily requirements. According to the report published by Consultancy African Intelligence, two out of five people in Africa lack accessibility to sufficient clean drinking water. Owing to the massive population of South Africa, the percentage of the citizens in the country lacking accessibility to clean drinking water accounts to almost the population of US and Russia. This can impose significant impact on the social threat of the nation causing poor health and dehydration within the society (George Brown College, “Watershed: The World House Guide to Designing Water’s Future”). Hence, with regards to the rapidly increasing significance of the Hippo Water Roller as an ideal water transporting device, the adaptation of water purifier inside the barrels shall further increase the contribution of the project towards social health. 2. Thesis Statement The discussion henceforth tends to address the requirement of adapting a water purifier in the Hippo Water Roller device concentrating on the business environment of South Africa. In this regard the report will take into account the economic, political, legal, bureaucratic, socio-cultural and managerial or labor climates of South Africa that can influence the adaptation of water purification filter amid the communities. The other evaluative aspects would include the size of the potential market for Hippo Water Roller in South Africa, persisting competition in the region, marketing and distribution opportunities, and the financial viability of the project. 3. Need For Water Purification In the current environmental context of South Africa, it has often been observed that most of the water from taps and wells are not adequately pure for drinking purposes due to environmental and industrial pollution. The bases of drinking water in South Africa are commonly available through wells, rivers, and lakes among others which have also become polluted owing to the increasing industrialization. Pollution in the water can be caused due to the existence of different minerals and chemicals which are mostly observed to be man-made. This further tends to cause severe diseases such as waterborne diseases (e.g. diarrhea), cancer, liver damage and other chronic illness which can even result as an epidemic. Hence, inaccessibility to drinkable water can emerge as a significant threat for the national health and therefore, impose restriction to the overall development of the country ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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