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The Adaptation of Water Purifier in the Hippo Water Roller at South Africa - Case Study Example

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The paper presents the requirement of adapting a water purifier in the Hippo Water Roller device concentrating on the business environment of South Africa. The paper takes into account the economic, political, legal, bureaucratic, socio-cultural and managerial or labor climates of South Africa…
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The Adaptation of Water Purifier in the Hippo Water Roller at South Africa
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Extract of sample "The Adaptation of Water Purifier in the Hippo Water Roller at South Africa"

Download file to see previous pages In the current environmental context of South Africa, it has often been observed that most of the water from taps and wells are not adequately pure for drinking purposes due to environmental and industrial pollution. The bases of drinking water in South Africa are commonly available through wells, rivers, and lakes among others which have also become polluted owing to the increasing industrialization. Pollution in the water can be caused due to the existence of different minerals and chemicals which are mostly observed to be man-made. This further tends to cause severe diseases such as waterborne diseases (e.g. diarrhea), cancer, liver damage and other chronic illness which can even result as an epidemic. Hence, inaccessibility to drinkable water can emerge as a significant threat for the national health and therefore, impose a restriction to the overall development of the country (Harshfield, Jemec, Makhado, and Ramarumo, “Water Purification in Rural South Africa: Ethical Analysis and Reflections on Collaborative Community Engagement Projects in Engineering”).
In the current day context, it has also been observed that due to inadequate water facilities in South Africa and uneven water supply by the municipal corporation, it has become quite challenging for the local people to obtain pure drinking water. In this regard, an assessment of 46 households across the country depicts that 83% of the population was learned to have no access to adequate safe drinking water and thus they need to get it transported from distant places which often becomes a huge concern for the locales (Harshfield, Jemec, Makhado, and Ramarumo, “Water Purification in Rural South Africa: Ethical Analysis and Reflections on Collaborative Community Engagement Projects in Engineering”). This signifies that South Africa has to witness limitations to avail of pure water and thereby, communities within the nation shall be highly benefitted with the adaptation of water purification filter.
Contextually, in order to develop the Hippo Water Roller device with the adaptation of a water purification filter, it is highly essential to develop a strategic alliance with the manufacturers of the product. The device is particularly manufactured and marketed from South Africa with the assistance of social enterprises funded partially by government spending. It is worth mentioning in this context that Imvubu Projects is currently operating as the largest and the authenticated manufacturer of Hippo Water Rollers in South Africa. The aim of manufacturing the devices has been to diminish the inadequate supply of water resources. So far, the rollers which were manufactured by Imvubu Projects were distributed to as many as 21 countries located in the African continent as well as in India, Mexico, and South America. The product is also been distributed to different neighboring countries through the local manufactures (George Brown College, “Watershed: The World House Guide to Designing Water’s Future”). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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