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South Africa - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the work is to give a detailed account of South Africa’s background, business practices, hierarchy, dress code, and business etiquette, and to recommend South Africa to Kelly Services as an investment destination. The country is ethnically diverse, with diverse languages and cultures…
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South Africa Research Paper
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Extract of sample "South Africa"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research paper "South Africa" findings, South Africa has been inhabited by modern humans for approximately 170 000years, with the two historically dominant groups being the Zulu and Xhosa people. The Dutch colonized South Africa in 1652. Slave transport from Madagascar, Indonesia and India by the Dutch colonists led to increased migration into South Africa. The discovery of gold and diamonds led to conflicts between the Boers and the British, with British and Boer settlers claiming land in the East and North of the country (Fox, 2008). This, in turn, caused conflicts with the Zulu, Xhosa and the Afrikaner groups, mainly for territory. The Zulu grew in strength in the early 19th century, under Shaka the Zulu, and expanded their territory, which ultimately led to the crushing of the1820s, and the rise of the Matebele, under Mzilikazi. In 1830, the Boers, also Voortrekkers, migrated to Orange Free State, Natal and Transvaal region, to get away from British rule and founded states in these regions. The mineral revolution of 1867 and 1884 increased immigration and intensified the subjugation by the European settlers of the indigenous people (Fox, 2008). The South African Union was formed by the 1909 South Africa act, following three and a half years of negotiating, becoming a British Empire dominion. The 1913 natives’ land act restricted quite severely indigenous ownership of land. Following a referendum, solely by whites, South Africa gained republic status and the British monarchy was no longer head of state. With legislation for apartheid, most western countries boycotted doing business with South Africa. Nelson Mandela was jailed, and released after 27 years, when he negotiated the end of apartheid. This led, in 1994 to universal elections, won by the ANC (Fox, 2008). South Africa, however, still continues to suffer from chronic unemployment, especially among its indigenous population, and a rising number of poor white citizens. With information and knowledge, it is hoped that Kelly Services will better understand the people of South Africa and the dynamics of their relationships; economically, politically and socially. Dress Code and Business Etiquette In South African banks, companies and other business enterprises, businessmen dress in suits, or if the weather is hot, as it often is, the dress code can sometimes be casual. During summer, men dress in suits, with short-sleeved shirts under their coats, and when they leave the office, they normally discard their stifling coats (Fox, 2008). During meetings business and casual encounters, South Africans shake hands, with firm handshakes being preferable and appreciated. It is also part of the South African culture to acknowledge and address persons of advanced age first. Meetings are also held on appointment, with the South African people valuing punctuality (Fox, 2008). Negotiations are also accepted as a method of doing business in South Africa, although the people prefer to close the deal straight away. It is also necessary to note that they value the generation of realistic figures in these negotiations, with prices ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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