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Ethnic group is a set of people who identify themselves based on national, ancestral, cultural and social experience. The Berlin Conference is also known as the Congo…
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Short paper / south africa history
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Download file to see previous pages A constitution was given to United South Africa in the year 1910. The give and take is being continued after the Berlin Conference. Moreover, the participants of the conference led to the division of Africa in to 50 countries. The prime purpose of the paper is to provide brief history of the South Africa and after effect of colonialism on economic, political, culture and social structure.
The request of German Chancellor and Portugal is to call the chief westerns powers to end confusion and negotiate questions about the issue of control of Africa. African continent was dominated by the colonial powers which superimposed their realms for the sake of expanding influence over Africa. The forces of the penetration of merchant capital and rise of an African merchant undermined the presence of past systems of dominance over African societies and prevented them from expanding their territory and wealth for the presence of European powers. The only noteworthy holdings of European power in Africa were the Cape Colony. This is true that this significant European holding was before the 1870. Cape Colony is now known as South Africa. One of the oldest colonies of Africa is South Africa. By 20th century, the scramble for Africa was fully completed. 1884-1885, is the time when the partitioning of Africa occurred from the Berlin Conference. The conference was organized by Otto Von Bismarck. The key consideration of conference is to prevent occurrence of conflict between European powerhouse and African territories. In 1652, the history of South Africa originated and created an everlasting settlement in the Cape. As a result of Berlin Conference, there was a considerable amount of changes in the South Africa. The liberty from supremacy of British and Africans provided opportunity for people of Cape Colony to look after cultural and social structure.
In early 1800s, the increase of encroachment in European countries led to the occupation and colonization of South Africa. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Short Paper / South Africa History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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