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Art in South Africa - Research Paper Example

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Art in South Africa [insert name here] Final Paper Project AFRI 222 African Cultural Traditions [Insert Time Here] [Professor Haas] I. Introduction Summary of the community Service Project South Africa has one of the strongest Art culture in Africa. Its long history has seen it emerge as one of the world’s best-chosen art destination…
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Art in South Africa
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Download file to see previous pages From the early days of colonization by the Dutch, then the independence from the British, the apartheid era from 1949 to 1989 and the post apartheid era, art in South Africa has been hugely diversified in terms of subject and matter. The population in South Africa is hugely diverse when it comes to the issue of race. The leading races found in South Africa include Blacks, Whites, Indians and Coloured’s. The role of race in South African Art cannot be ignored as it has had a significant impact and resonates in Most of the South African artists work. An exhibition of South African artwork from the 19th century to modern popular art pieces will take place at University Gallery for students, faculty, and staff attending Indiana State University. The exhibition will run for one week in celebration of the South African Art Struggles during the apartheid period. The art exhibition will run daily for the seven days starting from 12pm to 5 pm and later on Guest artists from South Africa will take to the podium and share their experiences on the history of art in South Africa. Objectives The history of South Africa has been told through many forms. However, art is one of the forms that captured the history of the country since Ancient times. Students in the university will have a better understanding of South Africa history in the eyes of different artists, through different races and lastly through different forms of art media. The history of art itself in South Africa is an intriguing one, and in holding the exhibition, cultural understanding of South Africans will be achieved. At the end of each exhibition and lectures, students and lectures will fill single cards to determine the impact on students. Context The audience that this exhibition target includes students and lecturers from different faculties at Indiana State University. The university population is composed of students from different cultural background. Knowledge on the different cultures is essential for each student and faculty individuals in the university. This will help in understanding other people’s culture while at the same time ensuring that there is cohesion in the University population. Students need to learn beyond their own culture and this art show will be enable better understanding of  differences in other cultures. South Africa has a rich cultural background and those who wish to have future dealings in South Africa will find the exhibition particularly educative. Community Connections For the exhibition to run smoothly volunteers from the student body will be required to ensure that security and issues of mobilizing and ushering in guests are taken care of. The transportation of the artwork will also require students and other volunteers. The University Gallery will need to be cleaned daily.  Preparations for the lectures by the various guest artists has to be done. The help of the student community will be beneficial to ensure that the exhibition is a success. Budget The exhibition will require funds to help transport various south African art pieces from Art galleries around the university. The galleries will also need some amount of money to be paid so that they can lend the paintings and other art pieces. This will be achieved by organizing fundraising events to help collect enough money. The South African consulate will also be approached to offer the sponsorship of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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