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Water has a number of uses like; irrigation, fishing, domestic uses in homes, hydroelectric production among its many other uses. In some countries like Bosnia and…
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Download file to see previous pages Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in south Eastern Europe on the western Balkan region. It has a total surface area of 51209 km squared of which land accounts for 51197 km squared and sea accounts for 12.2 km squared (Omeragic, 2009). The longest river is called Drina which is 346 km long and the largest lake being Busko Blato which is 55.8 km squared. Hydrological resources include; 20000 km of rivers and brooks (Drina, Sava, Bosna, Vrbas, and Una) 400 ha of lakes (Busko, Blato, Visegradsko, Jablanicko, and modrac’ Busko Blato is the largest lake in Bosnia) 1400 ha of seacoast.
The country is divided into eight basic river basins, which belong to Danube river basin, Sava River and its tributaries, Una River with Korana and Glina, Vrbas, Bosna and Drina (Hudson 2009). All the water in this country is managed by three water management companies; public enterprise of the Sava river basin, Directorate for water located in Bijeljina and Public enterprise for the Adriatic Sea basin (Jovancic, 2008).
Water demand in this country is high as it is used for different purposes like irrigation, fishing, domestic purposes, industrial purposes, commercial purposes and so on. Fishing and fish farming is a popular economic activity in Bosnia and a lot of the water there is used for fish farming. Marine aquaculture is also carried out in Bosnia using cages located in the Adriatic Sea at Neum (Omeragic, 2009). Water is used for agricultural purposes like irrigation where water is directed to farms from water source for farming and other irrigation purposes. Water is supplied from a number of sources like; lakes, rivers, dams, sea basins, water reservoirs, Examples include; Black sea basin, Sava river, Black and Adriatic seas and neretva and Trebincjica water reservoirs. Water stress is related to the overusing of water in relation to the general population whereby if the population is large and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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