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Analysing the learning and development strategies of an existing organisation - Case Study Example

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Analyzing the learning and development strategies of an existing organization – Wal-Mart Abstract The challenges that firms have to face in the context of the global market are many. The use of effective strategic tools can help firms to increase their competitiveness towards their rivals and secure their financial performance…
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Analysing the learning and development strategies of an existing organisation
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Download file to see previous pages Reference is made specifically to learning and development (L&D), a tool used by managers in most organizations for increasing employee performance. In practice, it seems that firms choose different approaches for promoting L&D. The various aspects of learning and development are analyzed and evaluated in this paper. The case of Wal-Mart is used as an example to show the level at which L&D can promote organizational success. Table of contents 1. Introduction 4 2. Learning and Development strategies in Wal-Mart 4 2.1 Overview of Learning and Development strategies in Wal-Mart 4 2.2 Is L&D in Wal-Mart strategic? 6 2.2.1 Characteristics of L&D in modern organizations 6 2.2.2 When L&D is strategic? 7 2.2.3 At what level L&D in Wal-Mart is strategic? 8 2.3 How is learning and development delivered in Wal-Mart? 9 2.3.1 Common methods for the delivery of L&D in modern organizations 9 2.3.2 L&D delivery in Wal-Mart 10 2.3.3 Problems in regard to the delivery of L&D in Wal-Mart 11 2.4 Is L&D in Wal-Mart effective? 12 2.4.1 Which are the common criteria of effectiveness of a L&D scheme? 12 2.4.2 Is L&D in Wal-Mart effective? 12 2.5 Evaluation of existing L&D strategies in Wal-Mart. 13 3. Conclusion 15 4. Recommendations 17 References 18 Appendix 21 1. Introduction The incorporation of effective learning and development (L&D) strategies in modern organizations can ensure that their activities will be effectively supported in regard to all their phases (Armstrong 2008, p.175). According to Armstrong (2008), L&D, as developed in companies with different characteristics, focuses on the development of a learning culture and the promotion of organizational learning’ (Armstrong 2008, p.175). Organizations that emphasize on L&D become ‘learning organizations’ (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell 1991, cited in Fee 2011, p. 44), a term used for describing those organizations that ‘facilitates the learning of all its members’ (Fee 2011, p. 44). The characteristics and the role of L&D are presented in this study. Reference is made to a particular organization, Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart, a US-based firm, has particular emphasized on L&D, as a tool for securing its position in the global market. The review of the firm’s L&D strategies has led to the following assumption: the organization’s current efforts for promoting L&D can be characterized as satisfactory. However, it is clear that more initiatives would be taken, especially since the organization is interested in further improving its position in the global market, as explained in the sections that follow. 2. Learning and Development strategies in Wal-Mart 2.1 Overview of Learning and Development strategies in Wal-Mart In order to evaluate the effectiveness of L&D strategies of Wal-Mart it is necessary to review the key aspects of L&D, as developed in the particular organization. Then, the particular aspects of the firm’s L&D schemes, such as the methods of delivery, the problems involved and the level of effectiveness can be discussed and appropriately analyzed. According to the organization’s website, in Wal-Mart L&D is a continuous process, and not just a tool for periodically supporting the organizational performance (Wal-Mart, Careers 2012). In the context of the hiring process, a profile is developed for every employee entering the organization (Wal-Mart, Career ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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