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This is a mass market communication for many audiences although there will be targeted send-outs to specific groups as well, those who are based as landscapers and designers, those interested in history and art, and those who just like to be in the outdoors…
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Download file to see previous pages Message – Content, Structure, Format The format is a general letter (text provided in report) which also contains photographs in strategically-placed parts of the page. The text is the central part of the page. The Communication Message The communication message will promote the beauty of the place as well as noting several recently completed revitalization projects which have completed and would be worthwhile to experience. It will also point out other attractions which people would be interested in. How to Deliver the Message The message will be delivered by website on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social media components, and through new media, such as emails and text messages with links, to registered customers through smart phones. Groupon can also be utilized as part of the coupon process for receiving the discount. Deciding Who the Messenger is The messenger is the Chief Executive of the English Heritage Organization who is an integral part of the operations for Wrest Park and would be the most likely person to act as the messenger. Analysing the Strategy Success The returns can be analysed through how many people sign up for memberships at the reduced rate and who purchase the Groupon coupon. Social media sites can provide returns on pay-per-click through ads and banner ads, as well as QR codes scanned, which lead to the website. The Report – Part II Introduction Wrest Park is located ? miles east of Silsoe which is halfway between Luton and Bedfordshire on A6. Wrest Park is considered to be the birth place of the traditional English garden and currently is a beautiful showcase developed over three centuries, consisting of French, Dutch, Italian and English garden landscapes, added on over the years. It is an inspirational journey through art in landscaping. There is plenty to see and do here at the park, including shopping, visiting the cafe for lunch, checking in at the visitor’s centre for all the places to visit on the grounds, including travel cart rental sign-up. Visitors can visit the Wrest Park mansion to see the home where the de Grey family has lived for over 600 years and also visit the formal gardens just behind the mansion (Wrest Park Online 2012). Building the Communication Strategy The goal of any communication strategy is to inform the target market about the product or the service, and in this case, it is the Wrest Park as a historically artistic landscape. The goal is to provide a communication which brings in more customers who will pay fees to enter and walk or ride through the park, shop and eat lunch at the grounds cafe. The money brought in will help sustain the operations in maintaining the park to its fullest grandeur as a historical archive in landscape art. The more people who know about the park and visit it, the more they will share their experiences with others who will, in turn, come to visit too. The park has many benefits and features for visitors and it is important to emphasize those (Boone 1999). The communication strategy is developed first with determining the target audience through research, which also includes members on the database, then deciding on the objectives of the communication message. The next part is designing the message through content, structure and format. Following that process comes the important part of deciding how to send out the message to the right target audience to maximize the return on investment (ROI). The last part is deciding where the message comes from. The communication must be accurate, timely and relevant (Jain 1997: Zikmund ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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