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Impact of employee harassment on medical facilities within the United States - Research Paper Example

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This study closely examines the impacts of employee harassment on medical facilities in the United States. It mainly examines the various types of employee harassments, their causes, and effects on victims, consequences on the perpetrators, and how it has affected health facilities. …
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Impact of employee harassment on medical facilities within the United States
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Extract of sample "Impact of employee harassment on medical facilities within the United States"

Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that in the United States, cases of workplace harassment has been on the rise over the past several years despite enactment of laws with stiff penalties against any employers found to be involved in acts of employee harassment. These harassments may take the form of sexual harassment, racial harassment/discrimination, religious discrimination, gender-based discrimination, age, and/or disability harassment. Researchers suggest that workplace or employee harassment has become an irritating issues and a matter of national concern. It is seen as causing more harm than any other thing in the universe. Evidence has revealed that effects of employment harassment are so severe and the hardships are not in any way pretty. According to Yamada David, a Professor at Suffolk University Law school in Boston argues that the victims of employment or workplace harassment suffer from both psychological and physical conditions, which could sometimes lead to deaths or suicides. Employee harassment includes a range of behaviors that undermine the morale, dignity, respect, and safety of groups or persons that are involved in one way or the other in an employment situation. It can be perpetrated by an employee against a fellow employee, or an employer against an employee and vice versa. The B.C Council considers employee harassment to be visual, physical or verbal conduct that has an unreasonably effect of interfering with a group’s or individual’s performance or ability to carry on with their duty. ...
It mainly examines the various types of employee harassments, their causes, and effects on victims, consequences on the perpetrators, and how it has affected health facilities. The type of employee harassment that this study will mainly focus on is sex and gender based harassment, old age and disability harassment. Discussion When looking at employee harassment especially at the workplace, it worth if the focus is based on a specific harassment type. In this scenario, employee sexual harassment and gender-based harassment has been chosen as ideal for investigating the impact of such diseases and threats on the country’s economy. In America today, sexual harassment in the workplace is a very common thing among women and men as well. According to the ABC News polls, at least one in every four women has at some point in their life experience workplace or employee sexual harassment. In every ten men, at least one man has also experience this traumatic vice of workplace or employee sexual harassment at some point in their lifestyles. A number of men also claim that it is a concern for them that they may sometimes be accused false for sexual harassment. This matter seems to be of concern to very many Americans just because of it health, physical and psychological effects that it has on the victims. A research conducted by Julian Barling and Hershcovis of the Queen’s University in Ontario evaluated about 120 studies that were carried in over 21 years across the U.S. involving consequences and effects of employee or workplace harassment and aggression including sexual harassment. These two focused their research on the workplace harassment including things such as supervisor and co-worker satisfaction, job satisfaction, intent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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