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The Hiring Process and Managing a Diverse Workforce - Research Paper Example

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In the contemporary work environment, the issues of diversity management has attracted a lot of attention in human resource management as employers seek to consider issue of culture, abilities, race and religion during recruitment exercises. Furthermore, the government has put…
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The Hiring Process and Managing a Diverse Workforce
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Download file to see previous pages Besides, managing a diverse workforce helps to create harmony among the employees and brings about the right organizational culture essential in bringing the employees on board the management plan. In my work environment, the human resource managers pay attention to issues of diversity right from the employee selection stage to employee appraisal. This explains why the company has experienced less internal conflict and no friction with the legal bodies responsible for regulating organizational behavior. Therefore, organizations that abide by government regulation in their employment practices are more likely to succeed than those that ignore such legal requirements.
In our organization, the marketing officer is among those that possess in appointing the right person for the task. Evidently, a number of procedures of recruitment are available for such a position. The first option is internal recruitment, in which the company appoints someone from the organization. In this method, one may avoid discrimination by engaging a transparent mode employee promotion and providing equal opportunity for promotion (Slater, 2004). Alternatively, the human resource managers may advertise the position in the public domain, which will give opportunity to every citizen to apply. Citing the job requirements and subjecting each applicant to the same tests will ensure there are no incidences of discrimination. The last option would be using a recruitment agency to hire a marketing officer on the behalf of the company. This process reduces discrimination by ensuring the process is independent and that internal organization workers cannot introduce biasness into the process. Therefore, the organizational managers do not interfere with the recruitment process by selecting candidates that they have affiliation with such as relatives or even friends (Krieger, 2013). For effective recruitment, the human resource managers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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