Development of the World Wide Web: Trends In Electronic Retailing - Essay Example

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With the evolution of internet many facilities have evolved. Businesses have been digitized and are now successfully prospering. One of the key advancements of the century is electronic retailing or online shopping. …
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Development of the World Wide Web: Trends In Electronic Retailing
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Download file to see previous pages Australia is considered to be an emerging market as Australian retailers are claiming more and more online space. Small retailers are rapid acquiring online business models and so are large traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. There are certain barriers to the growth including international competition, logistics, marketing and pricing.
On the other hand the consumers are also placing their trust in online shopping. There are a few concerns regarding the security of transactions and shipment issues which are critical for the retailers in the online space. However, with proper measures taken these barriers will no longer retain.
This is the era of modern technology which has brought a drastic change in our lives. It seems almost impossible to live without the Internet and the World Wide Web. Any information is just one click away from any common man. Internet is a powerful medium of communication and not only common people but huge organizations are benefited by it. Businesses have been digitized and a whole new entity of e-commerce has been evolved. Online shopping or e-retailing has not only provided the opportunity for the buyers to choose from a wide range of products but also has given a chance to the sellers to expand their businesses. E-tailing has become a successful business and is exploring new horizons. E-tailing market is expected to grow two folds as compared to the traditional retailing markets in the coming few years. Before describing e-tailing in detail, we take a brief look into the history of Internet and World Wide Web because of which e-tailing came into being. Internet & World Wide Web The terms Internet and World Wide Web (commonly known as Web) both are used synonymously most of the times. These ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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