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This study seeks to evaluate the uses of six sigma and lean in the healthcare sector. The healthcare as any other service operation requires strategic management measures to improve the quality of process output and remain competitive, as well as, be cost efficient. …
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Six Sigma And Lean In Helthcare
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Download file to see previous pages Six Sigma and Lean Systems (SS/L) are extremely popular tools for the improving quality. Therefore, they provide the managers of Healthcare with the opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare on the basis of using sound methodologies and data. Cost increase control in the healthcare, improving the quality, and the provision of better Healthcare are some of the main benefits of this approach. However, these two quality improvement tools are not clear to many whether they are capable of improving the quality of healthcare. Thus, this research paper clearly illustrates how effective these tools can be and what can be corrected to improve further. This will go an extra mile in helping the health care sector, to render high quality services and achieve considerable accolades, as far as, Healthcare services are concerned.
In the recent past, medical care has become exceedingly expensive to an extent that many are not in apposition to access healthcare particularly in the underdeveloped and some of the developing world. Considerable amount of cost increase can be attributed to the out dated technology, and an aging population, which is inevitable due to the advancement of technology and modern demographic developments, which are beyond control. On top of that, operational inefficiency also contributes to the Healthcare cost increase, and this has to do with the healthcare professionals. Inefficiency in this research study is of much essence as it can be measured and necessary changes implemented to improve on the quality. This will lead to affordable Healthcare services and of better quality to a considerable percentage of the entire global population. Some inefficiency encountered in the process of operation can be connected to the delivery of services in the medical sector. Other inefficiencies arise as a result of logistical, administrative and healthcare delivery system operations, of which both can be extremely beneficial to the systematic process of innovation. The paper seeks to evaluate the importance of the Six Sigma and Lean approaches in the healthcare sector. Looking critically at the industrial sector, in the past century, it deployed massive machinery and innovation approaches to increase their level of operational approaches and hence achieve high levels of efficiency in operation systems (Jones, Roos, & Womack, 1990). On evaluating the history of economy, the efficiencies in the industry, were obtained from the collective effect of a substantial number of incremental improvements (Rosenberg, 1982). Six Sigma and Lean Thinking are two processes of an innovative approach that have gained much popularity in the industrial sector (Robinson, 1990). They both availed a systematic approach that facilitated process geared towards increasing the magnitude of innovations. According to Ohno (1988), Lean Thinking emerged in the automobile industry of Japan after the World War II, though it can be traced to the earlier days of the Ford Motor Company (Ford and Crowther, 1926). Six Sigma was originally brought to be by Motorola, and culminated to the synthesis of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Six Sigma And Lean In Helthcare." is quite often seen among the assignments in high school. Still, this sample opens a new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own document.

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