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The areas that are expected to be served by our company’s airline are Australia, Singapore, Japan and China.
The company is highly specialized in its prospective business. It attempts to plan and arrange a fleet and then acquire aircrafts. Thereafter the schedule of the flights needs to be scheduled…
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Airline Scheduling. A Business Plan For An Airline
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover it needs to be estimated that what is the amount of revenue that would most probably be generated and how would this revenue effect the airline business as a whole.
The emerging courage from within the skies runs through the staff of the company as well.
The construction of a good quality of flight schedules is essential for the effective and optimal performance of an airline business. This optimal performance involves the achievement of customer satisfaction and the maximizing of profits. The robust the acquiring of fleet and aircrafts is, the better it shows how good and optimal would the prospective schedule of the airline would be.
Selecting a fleet for the airline is the first process that needs to be evaluated. Modeling of a fleet is usually a highly complex process. This process involves a number of skills and knowledge of the business to a considerable extent.
In the words of Paul Clark,
“Fleet planning is a process by which an airline acquires and manages appropriate aircraft capacity in order to serve anticipated markets over a variety of defined periods of time with a view to maximizing corporate wealth.” (Clark, 2007)
While constructing the making of a fleet it should be considered that buying airplanes is a large task and should not be done keeping only the current time period in mind. Rather, several upcoming time frames should be taken into consideration. One of the factors that effect fleet planning is fleet management tactics such as aircraft trading. Moreover the following factors should be taken into consideration: Total Cost of Ownership including Purchase Price Maintenance Costs Fuel Efficiency. The $500 Million that have been assigned need to be properly bifurcated in the above mentioned parts. ACQUIRING AN AIRCRAFT Acquiring an aircraft is the biggest step among all the steps that are involved in the acquiring of an aircraft. Aircrafts can be acquired anew or they can even be reused. There are number of commercial jet organizations that lend their jets on rental basis. Moreover, they even have jets that are reused and can be purchased. One thing that should specifically be taken into account while purchasing aircrafts is their need to last long. These are the basic investments in the airline business of the company. The better investment there is in this regard, the better it would be for the future prospects of the company. According to a leading edge CEO Gary Justice, the following mentioned methods of aircraft acquisition work best for all types of people who want to go for the purchase of an aircraft may they by needing it for personal or corporate use. He is quoted to have said: “The three phases of aircraft acquisition are strategic planning, tactical implementation (execution of the strategic plan) and operations (operational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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