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The differences are based on that the creation of the legislations are made from different points of view and perception of the society. In an argument by Hess & Hess (2011) the Native…
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Bio answeres
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Native American Law and the Juvenile System Affiliation Native American Law and the Juvenile System Question 7 Native American drug courts are in conflict with the traditional system of American justice. The differences are based on that the creation of the legislations are made from different points of view and perception of the society. In an argument by Hess & Hess (2011) the Native American drug courts were based on a specific community’s belief of the society and justice system. The authors further assert that for this reason these laws may not be used whatsoever to judge a person from a dissimilar community (Hess & Hess, 2011). In the modern justice system, permitting changes based on the provisions of the Native American drug courts may undermine the effectiveness of the American justice system. Wunder (2014) asserts that these provision may not be applicable in the modern society and the vulnerability of the native communities has minimized. Consequently, the traditional American justice system may suit the native communities.
Question 8
The level of discrimination in the juvenile justice system in alarming. The system created with the objective of separating children from adult offenders have been occasionally used to target specific communities. In an argument by Finlay (2007) minority communities tend to be preyed by the system with the belief that it may incubate crime rates in adults. For this reason, minority groups such as the Hispanics and African Americans are greater targets of the juvenile justice system. Zimring & Tanenhaus (2014) are of the assumption that changes made to the juvenile justice system to transfer offender to the adult system poses more risk to minority communities. Hispanics and African Americans get transferred more from the juvenile justice system to the adult system than any other community (Zimring & Tanenhaus, 2014).
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Zimring, F. & Tanenhaus, D. (2014). Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice. New York: University of New York Press. Read More
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Bio Answeres Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Bio answeres

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