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Anything related to Security systems, police, prosecutors, courts, correction, and juvenile justice - Scholarship Essay Example

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This system intercedes in delinquent behavior via the police, court and correctional involvement, and is largely punitive. Youths together with their…
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Anything related to Security systems, police, prosecutors, courts, correction, and juvenile justice
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Extract of sample "Anything related to Security systems, police, prosecutors, courts, correction, and juvenile justice"

Download file to see previous pages Critics, however, often point to research that indicates the assurance of results of punishment in deterrence, rather than its severity (Simpson, 1976).
Criminal behavior in the youths or the juveniles is a relentless and invasive problem in the society of United States of America. Crimes by the juveniles comprise of about 42% of the individuals arrested for major crimes, including burglary, murder and rape with an increased rate of juvenile incarceration that reflects that of the adults.  The youths comprise a predominantly disadvantage sector of the population in America which has greatly been neglected by the society and the written law and eventually creating a social and economic costs implications to the economy of America.  The core sources of juvenile delinquency need an immediate addressing, funds should be availed, mechanisms of effective rehabilitation should be devised and these programs provided to the severely underserved youth population (Hinton 2007).
     Many crimes are committed by the minorities and the crimes incline more to the people of low incomes compared to the same case with the wealthy individuals. With the high rate of poverty and unemployment, insufficient family and neighborhood support has resulted to juveniles opting for crimes to attain means of survival. Time spend in the prisons just accounts for the credibility in the streets of US instead of segregating the youths from their society (Fox, 1996).
The juvenile justice system in US has responded to legislative decisions that have made a shift from an emphasis on rehabilitation, to a more punitive focus, characterized by stricter laws and harsher punishments. During the Progressive Era back in 1860s, a separate juvenile justice system was established in US that emphasized on rehabilitating specific needs of the individual youth. However, cases of juvenile crime became rampant over time and in 1980s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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