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BIO100A Home 2 - Lab Report Example

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Pine needles are a bunch of leaves modified into needle. The needles are brought together by the fascicle. Pine tree has two types of cones: pollen cones and seed cones. The pollen cones are small in size than the seed cone. Seed cone…
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BIO100A Home Lab 2
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Download file to see previous pages The pine cone protects the seeds from the water logging by covering them with the woody scales. The seed cone was kept in a cup of water and the change in the cone appearance was observed.
d) Record: time out of water: 5 minutes. The seed cone appearance: more swollen and the woody scales of the cone are soft and comes out easily when touched up. The color of the seed cone has changed. Since the scales are soft, the seeds are now getting exposed.
There are small pores visible to the naked eye in the cross section of the celery stalk. They are juicy and filled with water. This concludes that there are xylem tubes present in the stalk to carry plentiful water within it.
Seed dispersal is very important for the plants for many reasons. The most important thing is that they enable the seeds to grow in a habitat that is away from the parent plant and they increase the survival rate of the seeds. The seeds are dispersed to different environmental conditions and the plant variety is dispersed to different regions. The survival rate of the seed increase as they receive food with less competition. The seeds also get the chance to land on the soil for better growth. (Lawson, 2001).
Gymnosperms use wind, water and rain, animals to disperse the seeds. Some gymnosperms such as red wood require fire to release the seeds. Fire is used by a means by the redwood to ensure nutrient for the seedlings and less competition from the environment for the growth of the seed. The gymnosperms have wings for the dispersal of the seeds. The nuts in the pine are spread by the nut-eating animals too. Angiosperms are more diverse in their types and population. The seeds of angiosperms are very light and have fluffy wind spread seeds or winger seeds. Some angiosperms use sea route, flooding forests, large animals and wind.
Redwoods release the seed only after a fire. The female cones are tightly packed and preserved as such for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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BIO100A Home Lab 2 Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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