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Hall effect - Lab Report Example

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It alters the output when a magnetic field disturbs it. Hall Effect sensors are used as proximity switches, position control and other analogous functions. In basic construction, Hall Effect Sensor is an analog transducer. It…
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Hall effect Lab
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Download file to see previous pages These devices are most commonly used in industries either to calculate the revolutions of a wheel or to evaluate the respective timing of the revolutions. On the other hand, displacement is also encountered with these types of sensors due to their high credibility. The construction of the sensor may differ depending on the applications these devices are used in (New robust hall effect rotary sensor, 2006).
When the magnetic field of lines deflects the straight beam of highly charged particles, the bean is deflected due to the magnetic field. In this manner the straight path of the charged particles does not remain straight. In general, a Hall plate has a fixed flow of electrons from the plate in the form of electron beam. However, in the respective magnetic field the beamsn gets deflected due to the magnetic flux and less current flows through the plate. The voltages appear over the positive and negative terminals of the plate are Hall voltages (Zheng and Zhang, 2014).
1. Make the Hall Effect Sensor board by fixing the Hall Effect sensor to the board. After fixing the Hall Effect sensor, mark the board with scaled numeric values with the help of marker and scale. The marking should be as 0 mm at null position, (where the head of the Hall Effect sensor is there) and with the intervals of 20 mm. The highest marked number should be 160mm. Carefully select the scale and mark appropriately and clearly.
3. Connect the probe of the Hall Effect Sensor to the Signal processing unit. Connect the probes of the Digital DC voltmeter to the output measurement of signal processing unit. Use 0 to 1 volt setting at the Signal Processing unit to calculate output. Use the 100mT setting. Turn the zero dial all the way to the left before you begin.
In the experiment, it is quite clear that as the magnetic field goes away from the Hall Effect Sensor, the voltage signal gains strength. However, a little difference is evaluated as the magnetic field crosses 160mm on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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