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Measurement and Instrumentation(Hall Effect) - Assignment Example

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This is the Hall Effect. When a magnetic material is put on the left hand side of the diagram such as at Bz, (so that the magnetic field…
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Measurement and Instrumentation(Hall Effect)
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Download file to see previous pages The separation of charge establishes an electric field that opposes further migration of charge and a steady electrical potential will be eventually established as long as the charge is flowing.
The sensor experiment has a hall sensor rig that has been attached on the flat surface of the board. The board is calibrated with measurements showing how far the slider is from the sensor rig. The slider has a magnet attached to it. From the experiment, the DC voltage increases as the slider moves further away from the sensor rig and reduces when the slider is closest to the sensor rig.
The slider has a magnet attached to it, while the sensor rig has current moving within it in one direction. When the slider is near the sensor rig, a strong magnetic field that is not parallel to the direction of the moving charges in the rig is formed. The magnetic field is perpendicular to the direction of the moving charges in the rig. This strong magnetic field causes the charges to accumulate on one side of the sensor rig. This leaves equal and opposite charges exposed on the opposite side which has few mobile charges. This results in asymmetric distribution of charge density across the hall element that is perpendicular to the line of sight path and the magnetic field. This separation of charges establishes an electric field that opposes further migration of charge (Ramsden, 2006).
The strength of the magnetic field determines the concentration of charges on one side of the rig. When the slider which has a magnet is near the sensor rig, there are more magnetic fields felt on the sensor rig than when the slider which has a magnet is further away. Therefore, there is only a small charge that passes through when the magnet is closest to the rig hence the small voltage reading by the digital multimetre and a lot of charge is able to pass through when slider with magnet is further away from the sensor rig hence the high voltage reading by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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