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Nutrition project 3 - Essay Example

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Nutrition is identified as a process of selecting appropriate foods and their preparation procedures for better intake of nutritious foods as well as to follow a healthy regime. Food is one of the most essential substances that supplies nutrients to our body. These nutrients…
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Nutrition project 3
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Download file to see previous pages Likewise, it is assessed that the cost incurred by my family members to feed me is around 49 BHD.
It has been estimated that a newly independent individual can earn around 240 BHD on a monthly basis. This means that weekly I can earn 60 BHD out of which 37 BHD might be allocated for food expenses. Therefore, the total cost estimated to be incurred by me on food items is 37 BHD. However, the current weekly food cost is based on different range of products, which is assessed to be around 32.84 BHD signifying that 4.16 BHD can be actually saved after purchasing weekly food items. The saved amount i.e. 4.16 BHD might be used for other different purposes that include purchasing apparels or other products.
The weekly income earned by me is estimated to be around 60 BHD, while the total cost incurred on my week’s food menu is 32.84 BHD as estimated. Henceforth, the percentage of weekly income used by my weekly food menu is 54.73%.
I was able to learn that maintaining a healthy diet is quite important for an individual to produce required energy for better growth as well as development. The planning and implementing of the diet plan might assist me in allocating maximum budget towards food items, so that appropriate foods with better notorious value are consumed to live a healthy and happy life.
It was quite difficult for me to meet the Super Tracker’s requirement of vegetables to maintain a healthy diet, as the vegetables are not easily available in the food market based on the preferences (SuperTracker, “SuperTracker & Other Tools”). As per my anticipation, the biggest challenge to meet my nutritional requirements as an adult will be to balance my weekly budget on food items and maintain a healthy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nutrition Project 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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