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Citizens' Health as a Great Factor for the Country's Prosperity - Research Paper Example

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The basic motive of this project is to demonstrate that one of the factors for the country's prosperity is the health of its citizens. It is no secret that people living below the poverty line regularly receive less vital nutrients and even drinking the water of the required quality.
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Citizens Health as a Great Factor for the Countrys Prosperity
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Download file to see previous pages Nutritional deficiencies exist in the First World Countries or developed countries as well. Developed countries, such as Canada, USA, and other European countries, also experience malnutrition among the populace. Malnutrition is these countries can be attributed to several factors. One reason for such imbalanced nutritional intake is eating junk food, which besides not giving the nutrition needed by an individual, also contains excessive salt and traces of other unhealthy elements. Malnutrition is also attributed to the lack of access of individuals to nutritious food or lack of means to purchase them. One of the causes of malnutrition is a limited financial resource that leads to prioritizing less buying of nutritious food (Aberg, 2006).
According to Pett (1950), no foolproof system has been devised in determining malnutrition because of the variation in individuals, in that even healthy individuals have different urine and blood biochemical results. He said that malnutrition could occur in the following stages that overlap each other: a) inadequate consumption of food or particular nutrients, or interference in utilization and absorption of nutrients that results to malnutrition, b) a decrease in “bodily reserves” that may only be detected through biochemical tests, c) impairment in functioning although the tissues show no changes, and d) changes in the structure of tissues (common clinical evaluation used). Structural changes must be confirmed with dietary background and laboratory tests, otherwise, the clinical evaluation could result in an error (Pett, 1950). In the many studies conducted in Canada, subjects who follow good dietary regimen even show signs of malnutrition (Pett, 1950).
This can be clearly seen in the First Nations of Canada. First Nations is the terminology used to refer to the aboriginal groups, the Inuit and Métis (Terminology of First Nations, n.d.). The term replaced the use of “Indian” in the 1970s, as well as “Band” when referring to original peoples in Canada (Government of Saskatchewan, 2009, para. 17). The government has the primary obligation to improve the health and nutritional intake of the First Nations in Canada. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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