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Challenges of Maintaining Adequate Patient/Client Nutrition - Essay Example

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An essay "Challenges of Maintaining Adequate Patient/Client Nutrition" claims that the data would be gathered from a survey and by mode of a Questionnaire. The data collected would be gauged on relevancy to challenges and compared to literature research to make an adequate inference…
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Challenges of Maintaining Adequate Patient/Client Nutrition
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Download file to see previous pages What can nurses and other caretakers do effectively and efficiently assist the client meet his or her nutrition needs? These and similar queries are the basis of the decision-making procedure, whether the objective is on general nursing or particularly on nutrition. The data would be gathered from a survey and by mode of a Questionnaire and analyzed on the modified. The data collected would be gauged on relevancy to challenges and compared to literature research to make an adequate inference. Keywords: Adequate nutrition, patients/clients needs, and challenges. Background Information The study of nutrition in relation to patients has been done by many researchers; however, this study objective is to look at the challenges that make it impossible to provide and maintain adequate nutrition to patients. Challenges of maintaining adequate nutrition when dealing with patients are many. In this research paper, we consider various empirical literature researchers to analyze the challenges also use other approaches to collect data. If the dietary state of the client is unbalanced or inadequate the effect of therapeutic medicinal interventions can be unproductive therefore nutrition is as essential as medication in the recuperation from wounds, chronic diseases, surgical operation, and infections. The lack of a nutritional diet can lead to undernourishment which is taken to be a major danger for morbidity and humanity among patients. The challenges of adequate nutrition are broad from financial to eating habit of the patient. This essay is to elaborate more on these challenges and try to highlights means of maintaining adequate nutrition. Literature review Many researchers have tackled the problems of nutrition in regards to patients care. In view of these empirical literature, this research paper aims to demonstrate the lapse in the professionalism of nurses. The challenges are broad; however, literature provision has given various aspects of the challenges. In this paper, we review and compare the realities of the challenges. Many articles state that the role of nurses in ensuring that patients receive adequate nutrition is hampered by nature of their many roles. The Roper, Tierney, and Logan representation for nursing declares that the nurse has a key role, within the multidisciplinary group, in making sure that patients get food, fluids and sufficient nutrition whilst under the care and health learning regarding a nutritious diet (Holland et al 2008). It is essential for a care provider to have the applicable physiological knowledge and comprehending of what makes a balanced meal and different ingredient of food groups. Assisting patients to get meals is regarded as a core nursing skill that they and other caregivers need to nurture for the health and safety of patients as well as deterrence of diseases. The nurse does a big task in meeting the nutritional requirements of patients by evaluating them on admission, monitoring, assisting, referrals and advice. It is the duty of the nurse to guarantee that joint care with other multidisciplinary experts such as rehabilitation nurses, dieticians, social workers and professional therapists is executed as soon as possible in matters of malnutrition, obesity disease or anorexia (Coates, 2013 Pg. 215). This portrays a challenge inadequate nutrition provision due to overwhelming duties and prioritise concerns. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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