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The paper "Maternal Obesity Problem" states that maternal obesity, the epidemic of the 21st century and its co-morbid conditions are continuing to rise at an alarming rate. It affects not only pregnant women but also influences the child’s health and leads to childhood obesity…
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Maternal Obesity Problem
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Download file to see previous pages The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports reveals that at the beginning stage of pregnancy, one in five women are obese. Hence reducing obesity during, before, and after the pregnancy should be considered as a matter of public health importance. Obesity in pregnancy has been rapidly increasing and has now become a common risk obstetric condition in many countries. The reason for the health organizations to take extra care in the issue of maternal obesity is that the consequences of it are high and associated with adverse reproductive outcomes and hypertensive disorders and also causes for gestational diabetes mellitus, cesarean delivery, and increased risk for obesity of the child. Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) As Rivis and Sheeran (2003) explain, the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) was derived from the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) and explains the three predictors of behavior – attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control. Attitude refers to the beliefs of an individual about the outcomes of the behavior mixed with an evaluation of the significance of these outcomes. The Theory of Planned Behavior is somewhat similar to the Health Belief Model. A comparison of both the models shows that a study report conducted using each theory bore similar results, where TPB predicator model explained 35% of the variance in follow-up dieting and 67% in intention and HBM model portrays 38% of variance in follow-up dieting and 57% in intention (Nejad, Wertheim & Greenwood, 2005). The results explain that both models were able to predict an important part in the variance of dieting and fasting follow-up behavior.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Maternal Obesity Problem Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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