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Does sildenafil citrate reduce the natural rate of follicular atresia in luteal phase - Essay Example

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The present study looks for exploring whether or the not the accumulated levels of cGMP acting downstream of nitric excide could explain the antiapoptotic effect of sildenafil by testing the hypothesis through retrospective analysis of stored 3D data, in the light of the…
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Does sildenafil citrate reduce the natural rate of follicular atresia in luteal phase
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Extract of sample "Does sildenafil citrate reduce the natural rate of follicular atresia in luteal phase"

Download file to see previous pages The research findings demonstrated different effects on the basis of the amount of follicles and sildenafil citrate, duration and intervals applied on the patients during menstruation, which also endorses the certain impacts of sildenafil on AFC.
The study elaborates the reason behind subfertility affecting approximately 10% of the couples (Beurskens et al., 1995), and discusses the ovarian characteristics and challenges. According to the study, human ovary carries ~7*10 non-growing follicles, which declines with growing years, leading to menopause ultimately (Faddy & Gosden, 1966). The research has also elaborated the follicular dynamics and their role during menstruation. Moreover, follicular apoptosis, survival factors, endocrine and paracrines factors, and angiogenesis have always been evaluated by elucidating their relationship with subfertility and blood flow. The study has specifically discussed the follicular survival factors in details by drawing out their association with the entire fertility and pregnancy phenomena, including the comprehensive outlook of DNA in fertility and during pregnancy. Furthermore, the notion sildenafil, its mechanism of action, (PDE 5 inhibitor) as well as sildenafil’s role as an antiapoptotic agent has been an essential part of the study. Sildenafil citrate has turned out to be a highly effective factor with regards to fertility, where there could be noticed significant ovarian response in the wake of applying sildenafil to the patients undergoing subfertility. In addition, three-dimensional ultrasound, its comparison with two-dimensional sono AVC, and its extra advantages have also been ascertained by paying heed to ultrasound technique and its necessity during research process and treatment of patients as well. Despite the reality that sono AVC contains several benefits in its nature and scope, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Does Sildenafil Citrate Reduce the Natural Rate of Follicular Atresia Essay.
“Does Sildenafil Citrate Reduce the Natural Rate of Follicular Atresia Essay”, n.d.
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