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Nitrate (NO3): Release, Transport and Attenuation into Soils from Agricultural Activities - Assignment Example

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The author focuses on the sources of nitrate in groundwater, the release, transport of nitrate in groundwater, the conditions that will release sediment-bound, naturally occurring Nitrate and the transport and dispersion properties of the pollutant in groundwater…
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Nitrate (NO3): Release, Transport and Attenuation into Soils from Agricultural Activities
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Download file to see previous pages The denitrifying bacteria are able to reduce the biological oxygen demand present in the water using the nitrites and nitrates. Some of the important denitrifying bacteria are Pseudomonas, Alcaligens, and Bacillus. The Enterobacter and Escherichia coli can use only nitrate source and Alcaligens can use only the nitrate sources. (Gerardi 2002).
Nitrate leaching occurs whenever the water flows through the soil containing the nitrate. If the percentage of leaching is higher, then the high concentration of the nitrate will affect the quality of the water. The maximum concentration of the nitrate permissible in the drinking water is 10 mg/l in Canada. These nitrogen losses can be minimized by minimizing the leaching loses by decreasing the volume of runoff and reducing the erosion. The use of the more efficient nitrogen cultivars, avoiding the over-fertilization for the crops, encouraging the glyphosate application on the legumes are some of the important measures that can be taken to reduce the overflow of the nitrates into the groundwater. (Sedlak 1991). (Horan, Lowe and Stentiford 1994)
Nitrate is a commonly occurring pollutant and it does not come from the naturally occurring rocks or minerals. The nitrate release is mainly due to the result of the human activities. These nitrate minerals are highly soluble and as a result the current resource of these is very less. These nitrates that are present in the soil are washed off by the rivers and they get settled in the water.
4. THE TRANSPORT AND DISPERSION PROPERTIES OF THE POLLUTANT IN GROUNDWATER: The nitrogen is brought to the ground from the atmosphere by the natural reactions of atmospheric nitrogen with the rainwater and reaches the earth as nitrate and ammonium salts. The nitrate gets accumulated in mainly in the groundwater. (OECD). This nitrate accumulation is mainly due to the natural processes of nitrogen cycle and anthropogenic sources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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