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This essay describes Climate Change Mitigation through Nitrous Oxide emission control by the use of nitrogen inhibitor. This involves the actions intended to reduce the magnitude and the rate of long term climate change. The reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gases emissions through the ratified actions…
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Technology for Climate Change Mitigation
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Download file to see previous pages With reference to Yamaguchi, climate change and agriculture are connected. This implies that climate change is contributed to through agricultural practices while on the other hand, agriculture sectors suffer most due to the implications of climate change in the globe. The primary source of climate change draws links to the agricultural activities in the environment. Therefore, it is of great essence to draw a climate change mitigation technology within the agricultural sphere. Different greenhouse gases are emitted through agricultural activities in the environment. For instance; use of fertilizers, land conversion to agriculture and biomass burning contribute to Nitrous oxide. Rice paddy cultivation, biomass burning and ruminants contribute to methane gas, while the aerosol sprays contribute to chlorofluorocarbons.
Nitrogen Oxide Mitigation Technology
The agricultural by-products involving the diverse kinds of fertilizers and their technological applications and related land uses add to over 62% of Nitrogen oxide. There are two sources of nitrous oxide in the agricultural field. These are from the animal rearing and plant or crop growing. The animal husbandry practices produce larger amounts of nitrous oxide than the gardening practices. Though for efficiency in controlling nitrous oxide emissions in the agricultural fields, technologies are integrated with between. Nitrous oxide accounts for approximately 7.9% of greenhouse gases in totality. Nitrification and urease inhibitors technology highly applies to this study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology for Climate Change Mitigation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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