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Effect of Temperature on Peroxidase Activity - Essay Example

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Enzymes are proteins which are very sensitive to temperature changes. Peroxidase is an enzyme that is present in all animals, higher plants and aerobic cells. Peroxidase is required by the cell…
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Effect of Temperature on Peroxidase Activity
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Download file to see previous pages It was found that the enzymatic activity was optimum at 37 degree Celsius and the enzyme activity decreased above that temperature thus nullifying the hypothesis that the reaction rate increases as temperature increases based on Arrhenius equation.
An enzyme is defined as a protein that catalyzes a chemical reaction by lowering energy barrier, biology book. Enzymes are made up of hundred of amino acids to form peptides and these peptides binds with each other to form the active protein molecules, Biology book. Nevertheless, the enzyme has a specific three dimensional shape. A part of this shape forms the active site, where the enzyme connects or combines with the substrate. The enzymes are very specific for the substrates. They bind with the specific substrates only. This is carried out by the ligand – receptor complex. The enzyme bound to its substrate, forming enzyme- substrate complex, which became activated. While they were bound together, enzyme and substrate, the enzyme’s catalytic action converts the substrate to product of the reaction. At the end of the reaction, the product is released and the same enzyme is ready to react with other substrate. The reaction could be shown as follows:
Nevertheless, Dr. Rebecca Bellone pointed out that the enzymes are affected by many external parameters such as pH and Temperature. The alteration of the active site occurs due to the change in pH and temperature. The protein gets denatured and loses its active site. Finally the enzyme activity is lost. Hence care must always be taken to maintain the enzyme at specific ph and Temperature.
Furthermore, in this laboratory the enzyme that was used to accelerate the hydrolysis of hydrogen peroxide was peroxidase. Peroxidase is an enzyme found in all aerobic cells, which accelerate hydrolysis of toxic hydrogen peroxide. On oxidation it yields oxygen and water, as shown in the following equation:
An article was reviewed about enzymes activity and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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