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Genetic Cloning - Essay Example

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Genetic Cloning Name: Course Professor Institution: In cloning, especially in humans, there are two key aspects of cloning and these include reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning, in which the former involves the creation of a new being while the latter is meant for curative purposes…
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Genetic Cloning
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"Genetic Cloning"

Download file to see previous pages Human cloning is a controversial that elicits diverse reactions from all quarters and almost every member of the human race. The issue of cloning has caused much debate since the firs cloning of a live sheep in Scotland in 1997 (Allison, 2009). This is concerning ethics and authority to participate in the events leading to the creation of a new human being from the originally born one. This topic is crucial to the existence of human beings as it may be used to either improve their lives or degrade them. Genetic cloning takes place using embryonic stem cells, which is a concept that became known in the late 1990s with the isolation of the initial human embryo stem cell. This isolation works because embryonic stem cells can differentiate and form any human cell ranging from blood cells to skin cells, and it is from this that the idea to create perfect human beings first came into play. This is especially with potential use of stem cells to crate different organs and ensure that humans no longer suffer from conditions that can be healed through genetic cloning. The most popular means of cloning research done in the world today and from the 1970s is that of recombinant DNA technology, which entails replacement of molecular DNA fragments with those that are favourable to the host. This in human cloning is generating concerns in creation of super humans in that they select the best traits needed in humans and use recombinant DNA technology to fix these genes in host DNA (Bliss, 2012). The main way in which this technology has been used is through In-vitro fertilization that was discovered in the late 1970s, this has been used to date to eliminate undesirable traits in children and allow parents and scientists to pick out the traits, and conditions they would like to have their children. This is especially helpful I eliminating genetic conditions that parents may have in that the embryo is microscopically examined for signs of genetic disorders such as Tay - Sachs disease and Sickle Cell anaemia. Besides this, the creation of designer babies can be done after the child is already born, which is similar to vehicle maintenance through application of cannibalized parts from other vehicles. Children born with defects that were not detected during the genetic engineering process can undergo maintenance from selected genes from other children and genetically cloned parts. Genes, in this case refer to molecular units in a cell containing genetic information of heredity (Kaplan & Rdgers, 2003). This can be evidently seen in the case of Charlie Whitaker from the UK who was born with Diamond Blackfan anaemia, which prevented him from making his own red blood cells (Mclean, 2006). From this, genetic cloning allowed a designer baby to be made by correcting his situation at a young age by transplanting cells from his younger brother’s umbilical cord. This is indicative of some of the latest developments in human cloning to create designer babies through curative measures. The key idea in designer babies is anchored around four key concepts and these are prevention of genetic diseases, promotion of conception of healthy children, correction of defects before a womb rejects an embryo and elimination of potential organ transplants. Another type of cloning is somatic cells nuclear transfer, which involves transfer of the nucleus of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Genetic Cloning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words. https://studentshare.org/biology/1484958-genetic-cloning.
“Genetic Cloning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1484958-genetic-cloning.
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Cloning has also been performed on a scale as large as an individual organism an example of which was the sheep Dolly. There is a single parent in cloning unlike the reproduction which happens with the mating of two parents; a male and a female. Some plants have been demonstrating the process of cloning for thousands of years, but their contribution in the ethical debates about the legitimacy of cloning of animals or humans is nil.
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Human Cloning
Cloning is performed to fulfill therapeutic objectives and therefore it is categorized as therapeutic cloning and for reproductive purposes under reproductive cloning to generate the replica of human for enhancing the number. Therapeutic cloning is emerging as an active area of research and comprise of cell cloning from the adult for therapeutic purposes.
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2. To what extent do you feel that genetic experimentation and development should be allowed, especially experiments that involve the creation of human life in the laboratory, stem cell research, and the cloning of human beings Answer in detail, providin
Genetic experiments that potentially lead to creation of human life are indispensable in modern life and ought to be permitted if certain conditions are met. Stem cells may be referred to as undifferentiated cells that have the capacity to generate
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Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Manipulation
The purpose of genetic manipulation is to improve the functions of the existing organism or to produce new substances so it is the alternation of genetic materials by direct intervention in genetic processes. In biological sciences it is very controversial, exciting and young branch.
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However at the same time, the majority of us are in fact not completely sure as to what cloning actually is. In order to come to a clearer and more understanding viewpoint on this subject matter, the elements surrounding the topic of cloning must be properly addresses.
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trol, genetic engineering, transplanted heads, computer poetry, and the unrestrained growth of plastic flowers." (Notes of a biology watcher: on cloning a human being. N Engl J Med. 1974; 291:1296-97). It is this statement that serves as the basis of this paper. It is apparent
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Cloning by artificial means is the one most popularly identified with cloning: It is the creation of a clone scientifically, that is, by some conscious design or human intervention. Contrary to widespread belief,
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When this egg starts to divide, stem cells will be added, which will help to generate an organ to match the requirements of the patient. Normally therapeutic cloning is termed only as
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This procedure results in creating the embryonic growth of a new organism which contains the original organism’s entire genetic code. Hundreds of cloned mammals have resulted by means of this process. “The term clone is used in many
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Human cloning and animal cloning
Animal cloning is the process of taking a single cell from an animal and be used in the reproduction of an identical organism. The cloned animal acquires
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