Why Cloning is Wrong: Natural Issues - Essay Example

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The purpose of the current essay "Why Cloning is Wrong: Natural Issues" is to shed light on the problems related to genetic modifications and cloning of plants and animals. An author claims that it is important for the public to become educated on this issue…
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Why Cloning is Wrong: Natural Issues
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By natural way of life, organisms are created by themselves and contain their own set of DNA. In some cases, organisms are created as a multiple, but still contain their very own set of DNA. Every different organism contains their own type of DNA to prevent similar DNA from creating mutations when combined. Since nature has a very specific system and reason for why organisms are different, it is important to keep nature as it was originally intended.
Cloning goes against what nature has originally intended and has created problems amongst organisms. Cloning is known as “an organism that contains the same genetic structures of another organism”. (Pattinson 2002) This means that cloning is the ability to create one organism as an exact replica of another organism. Since nature does not do this on its own, even in the case of multiples, this is not natural.
Cloning is used in many biological ways that many are aware of and unaware of. Most of the world was aware when a sheep was cloned. However, much of the world is not aware of something known as genetic modification. Genetic modification is the modification of genetics in plants and animals. This form of cloning happens when scientist take genes from one animal and put them in another to create an animal with favored features. This is also true for plants. The genetics of some plants, especially corn, is modified to create plants that are more favorable. What the scientist are actually creating is not favorable and is mutant since it does not come from nature.
Genetically modified and cloned plants and animals are wrong in many ways as they create problems within nature. One of the largest problems associated with the cloning and modifying of plants is the modified pollen. This new scientist created pollen is unattractive to bees. The bees are unfamiliar with the new pollen and are at risk for becoming extinct. This creates a large problem because when the eco system loses a certain part, this affects other parts and a domino like affect can be seen.
Many of the genetically modified and cloned foods are unsafe for human consumptions and there are reports that show humans have become sick after consuming genetically modified and cloned foods. Creating something that makes others sick is not only wrong in the form that nature is changed, but wrong from many ethical views. This makes many wonder, why would anyone favor cloning? Cloning is said to create in order to fix errors and assist in fighting cancers and other diseases. Many food producers favor cloning because it saves money and allows for the increase in profit from food sales. Most pharmaceutical companies are also in favor of cloning in hopes to find that perfect drug to cure an illness so more money can be made.
Since one has the ability to form their own opinion regarding cloning, it is important to do research and completely understand what cloning is and what future impacts are. Upon researching cloning it is without a doubt that cloning is not natural, wrong and goes against nature. This has been proven with facts and it is important for the public to become educated on the issue. Cloning is no good for anyone and a mutation to the genetics of life.
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