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Central Jersey Blood Center; Family Planning: STI's; Providence House - No to Abuse; Ocean Country Health Dept HIV Info - Essay Example

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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Central Jersey Blood Center The central jersey blood center is an institute which has been in existence for over 40 years. Its vision has been to provide high quality, safe and adequate supply of related blood needs…
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Central Jersey Blood Center; Family Planning: STIs; Providence House - No to Abuse; Ocean Country Health Dept HIV Info
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Extract of sample "Central Jersey Blood Center; Family Planning: STI's; Providence House - No to Abuse; Ocean Country Health Dept HIV Info"

Download file to see previous pages The blood center offers services to a variety of hospitals within New Jersey, among these hospitals include; St. Joseph’s parson, bay shave community, East Orange, beaver view center among others. Family Planning- The Truth about STI’s There are diverse facts on STI’s in the United States of America. Research has revealed that there are more than two dozen STI’s which can be caused by bacteria, virus or parasites (Berman 6). These infections can be treated well if only the affected parties seek proper care from health institutions. Most STI’s are asymptomatic making the prevalence rate of such difficult to ascertain. The latest research shows there are almost nineteen million new infections of STI’s in America for each year, half of these new infections occur in 15-24 years old American (Berman 12). The research further shows that there are 65 million people in America with at least a viral STI; genital herpes being the most common. Other common STI’s are gonorrhea, Chlamydia, human papiloma virus and human immunodeficiency virus. The best three ways to prevent oneself form being infected are total abstinence from any sexual activity, having a monogamous relationship and consistent correct use of condoms. Providence house- Says no to abuse The providence house has been in existence for 18 years. Its main goal has been to help children from destitute families. They do this by helping them alleviate their living standards through shunning homelessness and poverty. Theirs is to transform the family with a goal that the community will be ultimately transformed. The providence house offers services that help children who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual assault. These services help the children heal from the abusive acts and their effects. They provide a safe accommodation for these children where they receive support services and skills then latter on they have a chance to decide on their future. Ocean County Health Department HIV Information The ocean county health department is geared towards educating the entire public on health issues. These include how to maintain healthy lifestyles and maintaining a safe environment. The department has a section that offers HIV psychotherapy and testing. There is also a section that offers health education. This section works hand in hand with the HIV counseling and testing section. There are sessions for public schools and groups that may request a presentation. The confidential HIV testing is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the evening at the health department. They have qualified counselors to undertake this very important exercise. Family Planning- STI Signs and Symptoms STI’s are usually passed on in the event of vulnerable oral, anal or vaginal sex while others can be contracted through skin contact (Berman 30). A majority of STI’s are silent hence there is a possibility of one contracting and passing it on. When one contracts STIs it does not mean he/she had repeated unprotected sex, it many just be a onetime affair. As mentioned, most of the STI’s are silent, but there are familiar symptoms shared among STI’s with observable symptoms. Some of these signs and symptoms include; A feeling of itchiness’ and irritation around the genitals. A feeling of pain during urination. Abnormal discharge from the vagina or penis. Unusual blisters, lumps or rash around the genitals. Pain in the lower abdomen. A painful feeling or bleeding during and after sex. People should always try to get regular health checkups from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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