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APTT reagent contains pathromtin and Action FS - Essay Example

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Neutrophil circulates the in the blood stream, when there is a breach in the defense mechanism in the body where a series of inflammatory events are initiated, neurtophil leaves the blood and moves to attack the micro-organism and destroys it making the body free from harmful matter through a process called phagocytosis…
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APTT reagent contains pathromtin and Action FS
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Extract of sample "APTT reagent contains pathromtin and Action FS"

Download file to see previous pages Poor monitoring of heparin, Heparin interacts with contact activation pathway than tissue factor pathway, therefore making APTT not an ideal monitoring tool for heaprinoid since it is prone to nonheparin influences. (c) (I) The most probable diagnosis is hemophilia. This is because from the reference range, APTT is abnormal and we are to look at the coagulation in intrinsic pathway. It is clear that abnormal APTT is a result of abnormalities in the IX, XI, XII and FVII. A shortage in FVIII stops coagulation thus making clot not to form. This causes weak clot to form which is susceptible to knocks and bumps that will increase the level of hemophilia, thus the reason the boy is having pain on his left elbow, as there is recurrent bleeding. (ii) Hemophilia is disease caused by continuous recurrent bleeding. A deficiency in the FVIII which is a clotting factor causes a clot not to form thereby resulting is sustainable tissue damage that are prone to mechanical and fibrinolytic damage. The common site of hemorrhage is the weight bearing parts of the body such as the elbows and knees since they bear strain because of weight moreover their daily movements are susceptible to bumps and knock that can lead to more hemorrhage. This recurrent bleeding on to joints is very painful and results in tissue damage. As this problem persists for a long time it may necessitates the replacement of the affected joints since there will continuous contraction and loss in movement. 2. (a) When a normal neutrophil is smeared with a combination of May Grunewald and Giemsa stain, the neutrophil appears in a round or oval shaped cells when observed and the cells have granulated cytoplasm and eccentric...
This digestion is composed of two parts: oxidize or respiratory response in which it involves the activation of non-mitochondrial oxidize enzymes that generates toxic oxygen species and the other process involves the release of neutrophil granule content into the ingested material. The combination of these two processes results into an effective killing mechanism. After this, the neutro... ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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