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Social Values in Mountains Beyond Mountains - Essay Example

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Tracy Kidder, the author of ‘Mountains Beyond Mountains’ gives an account of how an American doctor named Paul Farmer served Haiti and its poor people deprived of health. Following is a brief analysis of the context of the book in terms of cultural change and connection…
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Social Values in Mountains Beyond Mountains
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Extract of sample "Social Values in Mountains Beyond Mountains"

Download file to see previous pages Kidder briefs the readers about Paul Farmer that he used to meet with different people around him and he liked to socialize with the people of diverse backgrounds. His ways to interact with a variety of people helped him to know more about the problems and perspectives of different people about the ongoing issues like poverty and health. He did not usually sleep for more than four hours a day and kept his doors opened all the time for the suffering people. He allowed everyone to talk to him and his words left a positive impact on them. His ways of interaction and communication were significant to judge the people in relation to their worries and then he endeavored with all energy to heal them accordingly. Such diverse connectivity with the people let him understand better about how to deal with the intense situations and how to have an improved health system even during his absence. His methods can be adopted to improve understanding with humans and to have better skills in applied communication.
The proverb “mountains beyond mountains” has several interpretations at Haiti. Usually, it is taken as there are several opportunities and another is that there are many obstacles that one you overcome to only see a clear view of another obstacle. Haiti has been the worst place in the western world in a context of poverty and poor health of the Haitians that he had to fight with and he adapted himself to integrate with the people and the place that made it quite hard for him to leave the place at the end. Anyone may have a similar feeling like when one visits a tourist resort for a period and while returning back he/she feels obliged to that place though one is returning to his own home.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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