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Key Stylistic and Spatial Elements of Inigo Jones Interior - Essay Example

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Architecture in Germany has gone through various transformations and trends, whereby the major and most influential ones were experienced during the era of Inigo Jones. …
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Key Stylistic and Spatial Elements of Inigo Jones Interior
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Download file to see previous pages Jones was educated in an environment that made him learn new drawing techniques that did not exist in Germany of his time. Due to the diversity in the background of various architects, their outputs have a significant variance. This essay seeks to present an evaluation of Inigo Jones’ work by focusing on spatial elements of his masterpieces. The analysis will be supported by the use of relevant examples. Inigo Jones Inigo Jones was the first Briton architect who contributed immensely to the architectural history. In most of his architectural designs he employed rules of proportionality and symmetry. This enabled him to be unique among his fellow architects, as his work was outstanding and revolutionary. Examples of buildings that he designed and supervised include Whitehall and Banqueting House, which are very important in tracing the history of changing trends in architecture (Worsley & Jones, 2007; Gerbino, Johnston, University of Oxford., & Yale Center for British Art, 2009). His passion in architecture was motivated by tours he made traveling around Italy where he studied Ruins of Roman buildings and Andrea Palladio’s works that contributed immensely to his understanding of architecture (Fazio et al., 2003). Palladio Design Palladio architectural style was named after the architect who contributed greatly to Roman architecture. ...
Loggia’s ground floor was used for activities such as food preparation, laundry and storage. The left and right sections of this house comprised of symmetrical rooms, which could be used for studying, and official activities, as the owner deemed appropriate. The rooms varied in sizes and shapes, while the main shapes were rectangular and square. The middle part of the house contained the main living space that could be used by house owners and guests. The Palladio design facilitated implementation of security measures by house owners. In this case, it provided a design that did not partition the open loggia from enclosed rooms, thereby making it inaccessible to unauthorized outsiders. There was a wall that kept off authorized intruders from accessing specific areas that were used for storage of small things in the house. Moreover, these areas included rooms that offered accommodation rooms to servants, among other professions. The remaining areas of the compound were utilized for gardens, fishponds and orchards (Fazio et al., 2003). In Palladio design, all design elements had to be considered and at the same time to ensure their proportionality; in fact, these design shapes were kept as simple as possible. This was aimed at reducing error margins in his work, thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. As such, the output was very precise and thus provided ultimate satisfactions to clients. In ensuring the shapes and symmetry are adhered to, the shape of the land, position of water channels and roads were dictated. Orientation of the building also determined interior design, especially positioning of various rooms that were used for various activities. For instance, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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