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This essay refers to a poem Sigh no more ladies (from “Much Ado about nothing”) by William Shakespeare. This play was written between 1564 – 1616. The country of origin is England. William Shakespeare describes men…
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Stylistic analysis
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Download file to see previous pages This is not new in modern times, and it began long ago. This play talks about mans infidelity and how women can cope with it.
Stylistic analysis is part of linguistics used to analyze style in language. It shows how it varies in different type of art, literature or entertainment. Author and time could be some factors that bring about variance. In writing, there are distinct styles used by each writer that differentiates him from other authors. There are also styles that are associated to a particular piece of work for example language used in newspaper or novel written by extinct Germanic authors (Gothic novel). Stylistic analysis is wide and does not have a numerical system (Jeffries 2010:1).
Stylistic analysis should be able to differentiate text features, the way the reader understands them and their effects on them. Theory of foregrounding states clearly in detail and compares texts analyzed by reader with the original text. (Hoover 2007:5). According to this poem the aspects of analysis used are as follows; lexical and grammatical categories, figures of speech, repetition, Semantics, Semantic field and atmosphere.
This refers to words or phrases. In this poem William Shakespeare use “Dumps, Dull, Heavy” (line 11), to show the state of women when they concentrate on mans infidelity. These Dumps, Dull, heavy can be connected to the semantic field of sorrow. “Sounds," “woe” are words that describe sorrow and sadness in women. In the play positive semantic field can be seen to illustrate positive feelings of joy as in contrary to sorrows. It is illustrated by the word “summer” (line 13).
The discussed semantic fields show the internal feelings of women when faced with problems with men. This kind of feeling leads to women making tantrums all the time they suspect or learn of their men infidelity. Women’s mood is connected to use of words; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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