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High Fashion Styling - Research Paper Example

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The paper explores How to Become an A class Stylist. Currently, many individuals dream to become fashion stylists. This kind of profession has been regarded with excitement and awe. Particularly, the arena of high fashion has seemed to be intensely interesting. …
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High Fashion Styling
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Extract of sample "High Fashion Styling"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "High Fashion Styling" discusses How to Become an A class Stylist. Aspiring stylists should be ready to face obstacles in firmly establishing careers. Specifically, this paper delves on the aspects of becoming an excellent stylist in high fashion. High Fashion is otherwise known as haute couture which is French for high sewing. It is also synonymous with high style which encompasses the most current when it comes to design. This kind of style is most often purported for exclusive clienteles. It also normally refers to rare and exclusive apparels. More importantly, the design is inimitable because of its price. Haute couture products are distinctive since they are financially difficult to access. Hence, the stylist should utilize high-quality fabrics. He must also design apparels with utmost taste, substantial amount of time, and meticulous expertise. Stylists were not so popular years ago. There was a time when they were quite ignored in the society. They were only known in the confines of the small fashion industries. The avenues of their recognition were only behind magazines and photo shoots. Charles Frederick Worth is known as the father of haute couture. He revolutionized the conventional styles and earned a mark in France’s fashion market. The term high fashion has been known to be first used in 1804. At this era, women’s dresses shifted to high-waisted designs which did not require the customary corset. Essentially, high fashion stemmed from Paris. This movement spawned other stylists. across time and cultures. As a Career “There are no hard and fast rules to beginning your styling career” (McAssey, & Buckley, p.17). The truth is, some of the most famous stylists did not actually have any formal training. On the other hand, there are also those who have spent many years in different colleges, internships, and academies. The point is one should look into all of the aspects that can help in advancing his status in the fashion world. Though what you know is usually important in doing well, who you know matters greatly. Since the bigger part of the profession thrives on freelance, it is quite vital to have connections. Concerning compensation, the average alters depending on the kind of market. For example, in large scale promotions, stylists get paid from $400 up to $800 in one day (Lawson, 2012). Certainly, this kind of reward is an inspiration to many hopefuls. Experts’ salaries may get higher with appropriate certifications. The Association of Image Consultants Seminar is one of the organizations that guarantee a stylist’s proficiency. During shoots and productions, stylists function at their highest. They need to supervise every aspect concerning accessories, collection of garbs, and executing last-minute changes. They also need to take into deliberation the effect of lighting, cosmetics, and the model’s features. One of the stylist’s reputable jobs is to be in charge of dealing with sudden mishaps such as ripped clothes and unmatched sizes. Hence, this profession requires ingenuity and resourcefulness among many others. As compared to other fields, this kind of occupation entails keenness to details. Though it largely sounds glitzy, a wide array of events can make you get harried and crazily occupied. For example, it has to be made sure that the schedules of the clothes being bought or tailored are in exact order. It has also to be made certain that the apparels borrowed are in meticulously good shape before returning. In this career, a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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