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Significance of Academic Interpretations of Stylistics Approach - Case Study Example

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This paper "Significance of Academic Interpretations of Stylistics Approach" discusses stylistics that deals with the study and interpretation of different texts in line with their tonal and linguistic styles. Stylistics links linguistics and literal criticisms…
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Significance of Academic Interpretations of Stylistics Approach
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Extract of sample "Significance of Academic Interpretations of Stylistics Approach"

Download file to see previous pages In literary production, gene reception, and in the study of register and dialects and folk art, the stylistics can be applied for literary criticism and discourse analysis. The common stylistic features include dialogue that includes idiolects or individual dialects and regional accents; grammar usage including passive and active voices, how sentence lengths are distributed, and application of particular language registers among others. Stylistics is a term that can be used in determining the connections betwixt effects and forms in a particular language variety (Fish 1980, p.69). Therefore, this essay aims at analyzing how different stylistic features have been used in particular research areas in developing such fields of research.

Historically, it can be noted that the stylistic study emerged from the Romans and Greeks literary scholarships that can be traced back to the 5th century BC. These stylistics were mainly rhetoric and where dominantly art. Stylistics of this time had a set of strategies and rules that enable orators and rhetors ‘to speak well’ in that they used a fully decorated language that had all tropes and figures that brought about changes in opinions and feelings of the audience (Wimsatt & Beardsley 1954, p.483). This stylistic use made the speakers be highly persuasive there influencing political lives and or such individuals had great effects in churches. In other words, the application of stylistic during this era was purposefully to affect or impress others emotionally. The linguistic activities of this time had acquired rhetorical significance; therefore, they were regarded as rhetorical stylistics. The effects of this stylistic are that it’s often recognized as the practical language function that Jakobson (1960) later referred to as the ‘conative function’ (Jameson 1972, p.712). The rhetorical stylistics is used to arouse certain feelings and attitudes of the targeted audience.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Significance of Academic Interpretations of Stylistics Approach Case Study.
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