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Interior design and its impact on future - Research Paper Example

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At the moment, developments in the field of technology, the demand for infrastructure, the urgency in caring for the environment and the drive to cut down on construction waste has led to architects and interior designers to look for more ways to be innovative in their craft…
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Interior design and its impact on future
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Extract of sample "Interior design and its impact on future"

Download file to see previous pages Implementing sustainable designs to projects is a relatively new concept to designers who live all around the world. However it is necessary. Sustainable design is no longer becoming just an option according to Hill. In fact, it is becoming a “standard” in designing both the exterior and the interior of buildings. The goal of every interior designer and every architect should be creating awareness among the people within their community (and possibly outside their community as well) that there is a need to push for a greener environment, even if the spaces to be built and designed would be used for commercial purposes. Not only would there be incredible decreases in the depletion of natural resources and financial decreases in the purchase of construction materials, there would also be decreases in the need for man power, as a greener environment within a building would call for less energy to be used up (Hill). According to Tseng (332), the “green building” is something that is not just environment-friendly, but is also essential for causing the least number of problems with regards to the surrounding buildings and all the human beings who live or who work in the same area. This way, the designers and architects of a building project are able to fulfil their responsibility in providing something beneficial for the general public. Thus, interior designers have begun to make use of the resources that they have. There is less buying and more of making do with what is available. In this section, I shall relay the kinds of solutions that both architects and interior designers have undertaken to create ‘green environments.’
Previous years showed that most businesses had the view that if they incorporate anything in their business that is for helping the environment, then it would not be good for business. Profits would be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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