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Name Subject Date “101 things I learned in Architecture School” by Matthew Frederick Book review For my review I chose a book “101 things I learned in Architecture School” by Matthew Frederick. After reading the book, I paid attention also to the reviews made by other people who read it…
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Book Review Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the content of the book proves that it is specially written for architecture students. This small book is written as a selection of short comments in the field of design learning. It is specially created for those who are eager to become professional architects. It seems that the author wanted to help modern students by writing such a book as he is very sorry that he did not have this book on his table when he was a student. Actually, the book can be read by everyone who likes architecture and is interested in what architect student study and what they should know in order to become specialists. Every short explanations stands separately in order to make them more clear with drawing attached to each. Every comment observes separate subject with author’s opinion and comments provided. The book can be read differently: you can read the entire book at once or stop and analyze one separate aspect continuously. The original style of the author makes the book easy to read. Speaking about the content, I must say that the author chose and made observation on the topics, which are not dull and easy to remember. This is very important for students who are not familiar with all the labyrinths of architecture as the observations are expressed in a very easy way. Some readers say that if to evaluate the book in terms of the design and content, the design wins. I can’t agree as personally for me the book appeared to be very substantial. The author pays much attention to the explanation of what the architectural profession is. Many pages of the book are devoted to that. Some say that it was not needed as this material may be interesting only for the first-year students and for the people whose profession has nothing in common with architecture. They based such an opinion on the fact that professional architects as well as elder students have already learned what their profession is and there was no need to devote a half of the book to such explanation. However, I can state and prove that this information is very interesting and first of all helpful not only for the first year students and for the people of other professions, but also for some elder students and maybe even for them in particular. This conclusion may sound strange but I can explain my opinion. That fact is that the choice of profession is made always not by students themselves but by their parents or somebody else. A student may simply follow somebody’s advice or repeat his friend’s choice. The choice of profession in this case is unconscious. Thus I met some third-fourth year students who studied well but did not even imagine how they will work on their specialty and even did not completely understand what they studied. Thus, I am sure that after reading this book, they will realize the essence of the specialty they receive. Moreover such students will become more interested in their own specialty, thus will become better specialists. To conclude it is important to say that “101 things I learned in Architecture School” by Matthew Frederick contains a lot of practical information for those who study architecture. Students can study theoretical and practical material, learn or revise drawing and design techniques. I can’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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