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How different was Sparta from other Greek states - Essay Example

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There were different states in ancient Greece namely Argos, Corinth, Megara, Athens and Sparta. All the states were well equipped with…
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How different was Sparta from other Greek states
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Download file to see previous pages It became one of the most prominent military-based lands in 650 BC. This is where the kingdom of Sparta was based. Sparta was the most skilful land for its well known military warfare. This essay explains the most significant differences of Sparta and other Greek states.
Sparta was the prominent state which rose in Lacedaemon. The state was situated far from the coastline unlike other states, which were situated near coastline. The description includes the important factors that led the important states of Greece to rise with a different form of ruling by Sparta. Athens and Sparta were the two strongest states in Greece between 900 BC and 192 BC (Bremmer and Erskine, 2010, p.128). Both the states were located in city of Greece had completely different genres. Spartans came from the descendants of invaders of Dorian and Athens comprised its population from the Ionians. They had completely different life-style structure. Their governing system, educational system, trading methods and military structures differed in many ways. The most important factor which caused the difference between Sparta and other states was the governing system. Spartan government was an oligarchy; their ruling style was military based. They had very strong military base in the entire Greece. Spartan women gave birth to very strong child, they were taught to be tough unlike other states (Salisbury, 2001, p.330). The children were trained to struggle from a very small age so that they can be the strongest in a battle field. Spartan kingdom comprised a population of about 100,000, but the most important factor was all 100,000 had the skill of self defence and they knew how to fight. They cannot be referred as brutal because the entire population including men and women supported the way the government was set-up. For any deformed child or weak child there was no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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