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Compare and contrast the ways of life of hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic and farmers of early civilizations, and make an argument about whether or not the Paleolithic can be considered The Original Affluent Society - Essay Example

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For instance, Athens ruled through democracy whereas Sparta opted for oligarchy.1 In addition, these two states had different…
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Compare and contrast the ways of life of hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic and farmers of early civilizations, and make an argument about whether or not the Paleolithic can be considered The Original Affluent Society
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"Compare and contrast the ways of life of hunter-gatherers of the Paleolithic and farmers of early civilizations, and make an argument about whether or not the Paleolithic can be considered The Original Affluent Society"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike the Spartans, the Athens believed in education whereby they ensured that their children underwent strictly the knowledge acquisition process3. Therefore, this study seeks to relay information on how Athenians and Spartans differed especially in terms of family life as well as their mode of interactions with one another.
. In ancient Greece, a family included married couples and children. During then, Slaves were very common such that each family had at least one supposed to undertake laborious tasks4. They acted as house cleaners, messengers as well as teachers while others worked in the fields and quarries. In Sparta, it was a requirement for each couple to bear as many children as possible. This to increase the number of soldiers who during then assumed the role of ensuring Sparta’s security besides having numerous workers. In ancient Greece, all family members stayed together. Married couples lived together with other family members. For instance, these family members included parents, unmarried brothers and sisters in one residential confinements though big enough to accommodate all of them5. In Athens, girls were married off once they reached the age of15 years whereas men were to wait until they reached 30 years of age6. A couple did not have any right concerning who to marry whereby these decisions were only made by the involved parties’ parents7.
In Sparta, boys underwent vigorous training to in quest of preparing them to become competent soldiers from as early as seven years. Conversely, girls forced exercises were to ensure they were fit. This is because according to the Spartans fit girls gave birth to healthy baby boys who would grow up to be competent soldiers8. While Sparta focused on war, Athens spent most of the time trading at the Agora market. The main business in this market encompassed selling of silver in exchange for other goods, which ensured rapid economic development contrary to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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