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History Of Education In Sparta - Research Paper Example

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Sparta can be seen as quite transformed in terms of its government, administration, educational system, living standards, and other aspects. The paper "History Of Education In Sparta" discusses the historical changes and development in Sparta, focusing on the education system in Sparta…
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History Of Education In Sparta
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Download file to see previous pages Ancient Greece could be regarded as the center of education because many well-known philosophers, scientists, artists, and others came in the forefront historically.
Ancient Greece can be looked upon as the most cultivated state among the Western lands. The foundation of Western cultivation can be traced back to Ancient Greece as it was among the three most cultivated lands (Heeren and Bancroft 41). Greece was surrounded by most cultivated lands of the western world due to which, it attracted many foreigners towards it (Heeren and Bancroft 74).
Sparta can be seen as quite transformed in terms of its government, administration, educational system, living standards, and other aspects. The citizens of the state are divided into different types. There are serfs, who are peasants and do all the tasks pertaining community (History World). The peasants work so that the other citizens can work as martial personnel. The major job of the citizens is to do get expertise for military purposes. For converting the citizens into military men, the boys are taken from their mothers at the age of seven and are brought up the government (History World).
The government takes the responsibility of developing boys into military men. They receive this training till the age of twenty during which, they are kept in harsh circumstances to make them strong for future fights. Boys are not allowed to live in homes while women are allowed. Women also get an education like boys so that they can be strong mothers and wives (History World).
Spartans lived a harsh life in order to resist the hard situations of their lives. They were not allowed to show any interest in monetary transactions but only in a land that was allocated to them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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