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Should Sharia law have more or less power - Research Paper Example

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With the term Sharia being common in the globe today, both in the case of Muslims and the non-Muslims, there is need to analyze the concept in details. It is evident that a great percentage of the Muslims operate based on the Sharia law that mostly comes from the Quran and other…
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Should Sharia law have more or less power
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, Muslims are of the opinion that Sharia law nurtures humanity, allows individuals attain their potential as well as helps individuals release themselves from the strains of life. This paper will assess of Sharia law should be given more or less power.
As seen in the research conducted by Mahmoud (2013), Sharia law should have as minimal power as possible since a great percentage of religious laws do not provide a chance for humanistic values that gives all humans a chance to enjoy equality just like other individuals. Evidently, Sharia law is a good testament of discriminatory practices since it does not give all individuals to enjy equal rights. This explains why even international actors are opposed to the law especially bearing in mind that the law incorporates high levels of discrimination on different persons especially based on their gender. A good example is that of the Sharia law discriminating against the homosexuals (Mahmoud, 2013). With this in question, it is manifest that granting Sharia law more power means that the civil and the safety rights of a group of individuals in the society will be threatened to a great extent. Additionally, any person with contrary beliefs would be indicated to demean the government operating under the Sharia law since the law does not appreciate the divergent views of different people in the society.
For the case of Britain, it is clear that the society is fighting for a secular Britain due to the constraints that the Sharia law has on its followers (Mahmoud, 2013). With the law having state power in many regions around the globe, it is evident that law will continually seize the achievements of the civil society if the law is given more power. The developments achieved over the years have high chances of being overrun by the Sharia law. A notable example is the rights of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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