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The education of Sparta---Military life - Research Paper Example

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It also was one of the strongest polis among the best of battle. The military in this country covered most of the citizens’ life. The Spartan city state dedicated its whole education…
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Extract of sample "The education of Sparta---Military life"

Download file to see previous pages One of many war experiences was the Dorian invasion which had played a great role in the development of the city state of Sparta.
The Spartan political system underwent a lot of sociopolitical and military transformations. Around the 7th century BCE it descended from monarchic system to a basic republic political system. From 1050 BCE to 750 BCE, the political culture of Sparta as well as of other Greek city states can be characterized by a type of monarchy which later transformed into aristocratic oligarchy.
The military training of a Spartan would start during his or her childhood. But more interestingly, the selection process of a Spartan soldier used to begin before they were born. In this regard they would take the help of Eugenics.
During the 7th century BCE, the Spartan city state faced a sociopolitical unrest which was partly the result of the 7th century Lelantine War, a strife among the Greek city states. During this period, the Spartans turned their attention to build up themselves and to conquer others.
The foundation of Sparta was its military. As a military state, Sparta could, to a large extent, maintain peace and harmony among their citizens and enabled the Greek to build an army to mitigate the threats from their neighbors. The first and foremost reason why the Spartans depended on their military power was that they were obsessively war-loving people. They loved war so much, that they turned the country into a military camp.
Sparta was a prominent city-state, the one that a dominant military country in ancient Greece. It also was one of the strongest polis among the best of battle. The military in this country covered most of the citizens’ life. The City State of Sparta had the most outstanding military forces in the history of ancient civilization. The Spartan soldiers are popular for their valor, dexterity and fighting skill. The Greek culture was very rich. It was superior to most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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